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Drive asks, are electric cars the future?

We recently shared a video by Australia’s that compared “fuel” prices for electric cars versus gas-powered cars. Now, the publication takes another step forward in its electric car education. Drive briefly explains how electric vehicles work and then analyzes the pro and cons of EV ownership.

Electricity and batteries are commonplace in many people’s daily lives. We don’t even think twice about plugging things in or grabbing our phones, tablets, laptops, or smart watches, which rely on rechargeable batteries. In fact, a majority of the items we use in our daily lives either plug in or have a battery.

This is also true about electric motors. Think about that ancient box fan, blender, or drill at your grandparent’s cottage. These items may be about as old as the people that own them, and yet they probably still work like new. However, in regards to vehicles, batteries and electric motors are just beginning to catch on. This means they’re foreign to many, not to mention seemingly out of the ordinary and expensive.

Still, the pros of EVs are nearly impossible to discount, and the cons are few and far between. In addition, the few cons like vehicle price, battery capacity, and charging time are all improving rapidly. So, is the electric car really the way of the future? Check out the short video for Drive’s take.

We’ve also embedded Drive’s followup video below: “Everything You Need To Know About Electric Car Batteries.”

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment section.

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Everything You Need to Know About Electric Cars |

We investigate the pros and cons of electric cars and discuss, EV range, electric car batteries, charging and whether or not electric cars are the future.

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“Everything” you need to know about batteries? That’s more than a little misleading.

Good info but I have seen and read that a gas engine is only 20% efficient. You stated 33% which is a big difference.
Also Solid state batteries are here for some small applications but not for cars yet. Maybe are promising 2020 so it may be closer than we think.
We have seen how heat can cause lithium or any batteries to lose capacity for life. A Nissan LEAF battery will lose 10 times more capacity since it has no Battery Thermal Management (cooling). That’s a big difference in any HOT area. I live in the states near Phoenix-Chandler and it can get to 122F here in summer. On a black road or parking area it gets to 160 to 180F and Kills a Nissan LEAF.

Gas engine efficiency is all over the map. Most cars are in the mid to upper 20’s % efficiency, but certain technologies have advanced that. The latest Prius is now up to 40% total system efficiency utilizing heat pumps and heat recovery systems.

The LICE engine really drags down even the small battery in the Prius….

In your area only tesla will do since it’s the only one who use a/c to cool down the battery. All other only use a radiator to cool the battery meaning the liquid will not get below the air temperature.

The Chevy Bolt also uses the a/c to tool the battery.