Aliens Head Over To Smart To Advertise The New ForTwo Electric

OCT 7 2012 BY STAFF 5

What is it with weird alien commercials and advertising electric cars?

Smart this week announced that the ForTwo Electric Drive is officially on sale in the US, with a base starting MSRP for the coupe at $25,000 ($28,000), before federal and state incentives.   This makes the new Smart ED the cheapest EV in the US market place with an adjust cost of $17,500 available to everyone; at least for those who can qualify.

(Full article on the Smart ForTwo Sales Introduction and Production For US

To get the word out and sell these cars, Smart has taken its lead from the Chevrolet Volt’s famous Super Bowl ads and hired some CGI aliens (complete with face tentacles).

Good?  Bad?  You decide.


Chevy Volt Super BBowl  XLVI Ad:

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Dumb and Dumber…

It’s a big marketing mistake. It is frankly stupid.

Get an i-MiEV instead, still a RWD, but far more practical.

Ugh. What was that?

Tom’s October 2nd post says it all!

Gross and sickening.