See Alex On Autos Review Of Kia Niro Plug-In Hybrid


Check out Alex’s full, in-depth review of the Kia Niro in its plug-in hybrid configuration.

Overall, Alex really seems to like the new Kia Niro plug-in hybrid. In fact, he says with the PHEV powertrain, the Niro is “arguably Kia’s most efficient vehicle for the average commuter.” What’s more, Kia packaged the battery pack well (beneath the rear seats) to avoid any loss of cargo capacity compared to the standard hybrid (no plug) version.

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According to the EPA, the Niro plug-in gets 105 MPGe with combined electric/gas powertrains and 46 MPG using only the ICE engine. It provides 26 miles of electric-only range, which is extended to 560 miles of total range by its 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine. The EPA says the Niro Plug-In will save you $3,750 over five years compared to the average new vehicle.

While 26 miles isn’t a ton of range, it beats many PHEVs out there. If you just plan on carting the kids around to school and extracurriculars, as well as running local errands, this should suffice. Fortunately, you have the longer combine range for road trips in areas where charging stations are few and far between.

The Niro PHEV starts at $27,900 and qualifies for a $4,543 U.S. federal EV tax credit. Check with your tax professional to see if you are eligible for the tax rebate.

Let us know your thoughts and how you feel about Alex’s assessment.

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Video Description via Alex on Autos on YouTube:

As part of their mission to increase their average fuel economy, Kia made the subcompact Niro crossover a hybrid by default and now they have added a bigger battery pack and an electric motor so you can drive electric only for up t0 26 miles. (As long as you don’t need to heat the cabin, more on that in the video). This makes the Niro PHEV arguably Kia’s most efficient vehicle for the average commuter. In an impressive move, Kia also managed to package the battery under the rear seats so the Niro PHEV doesn’t lose any cargo capacity vs the standard hybrid model.


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I was super excited for the Niro PHEV until I found out Kia doesn’t offer the moonroof on it that is available on the hybrid version. Why no moonroof love for the PHEV version Kia???

Because they can’t make them fast enough as it is? Because you have to have something to add to the 2019 as gradual improvement?

3 weeks old. Seem it. Get his Clarity video up and running😒

They need to make nationwide availability of the EV version.

no 4WD


No series hybrid function either.

Putting an electric motor with a 6-speed DCT POS will prove dear down the road.

40+ miles of EV range would make this car perfect. As is, it is not viable for us. We can average 54 mpg in a gen3 Prius. Alex could only achieve 52 mpg during his test.

Nice, 28 is perfect for commutes and local stuff, 46mpg is awesome for trips.
When it comes to Colorado, you’d get this for under $20k!

Where’s the dang BEV KIA!?!?!?!? Not everyone wants to drive a Kona 😀

The lack of a resistive heater means the winter EV-only range is zero.

I looked at the car – BUT as soon as you use aircondition or any extra Equipment the car switches to Diesel automatically. It is not a Environment friendly car in my opinion.


Benzin of course – not Diesel. Dont remember details 2 months back – but is was for sure that we were told that the Electric width would not work in many conditions. For this reason we decided to go pure electric.

I bought one earlier in the year and live in Colorado so I had a chance to drive it in cold weather on several occasions. When you are in EV mode and the engine comes on for heating purposes its just idling, not revving up to drive the wheels so actual gas usage is very minimal. And in my experience, it only stays on for a few minutes, so usually I use only about 0.1 or 0.2 gallons of gas due to the engine starting due to heating requirements. Also, so far I’ve average around 58 MPG after the battery is fully depleted.

Not really tall like a crossover. A height that matches large sedan and without AWD…

It is just a hatch back that resembles the ratio of short crossovers..

The niro phev seems awesome to me but the prices in Canada are still up there