Alex On Autos Reviews Kia Soul EV – Video


Kia Soul EV Review

Kia Soul EV Review

If an award existed for best video reviews of plug-in electric cars, then this guy, Alex on Autos, would surely be the recipient.

His video review recipe works.

Alex on Autos touches an almost all of the important aspects on the car, while at the same time keep his opinion contained.

Interested in the Kia Soul EV?  If so, then this video review is a must-watch!

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I can’t help but agree. As an EV owner, Alex’s reviews answer the questions I want to know about the EV he is reviewing.

I’m surprised that the Soul has an automatic transmission. I’ve never seen that on a BEV before, and I wonder how necessary it is.

‘Automatic’ Transmission is usually what it is listed in brochures, when what they mean is actually – ‘Single Speed Gear Reduction: No changing Gears’

“Automatic transmission” is wrong.

But I guess it takes time for people to realize that things change with EVs. No transmission is required with EVs because you can operate the motor at a sufficiently wide spectrum of RPMs with enough power.

Transmissions are just an artifact to compensate for the fact that ICE doesn’t work well across a wide variety of RPMs so you have to change the gearing.

To be fair, transmission doesn’t imply any number of gear, so one gear reduction is some kind of a transmission.
As automatic goes, it’s still correct, but it make an invalid comparison to what is usually understood as an “automatic transmission”

Alex definitely deserves some kind of an award for the review itself. This is the best executed review I’ve seen for any car anywhere. He manages to include 10x the facts and info, comparisons to natural competitors (ICE and EVs), and the end even has the proper disclosure factd.

Agreed, Alex is the best reviewer on YouTube. He puts some of the others to shame who are more interested in the number of videos they can release rather than the quality and accuracy of their content.

If I’m planning on getting a new car, I want to see an Alex on Autos review before I test drive. Then I’ll look at the other less-informative reviews to see real-world 0-60 performance and how well it can handle snow / light offroad.

So many Soul EV reviews, so little inventory sent to the US, to so few destinations.

Meanwhile the 30KWh Leaf is around the corner and will be available nationwide in a few months… Does Kia care about the American EV market at all?

Yes, I’ve found Alex’s reviews on all cars, not just EVs, to be very good, thorough and unbiased. When he offers his opinion on something (aesthetics for example), he is often very clear about saying that it is just his opinion and that others may like or dislike it according to their tastes.

I think he is the most objective car reviewer when it comes to plug-ins because he’s primarily concerned with the basics, how does it drive, how functional are the seats, how useable is the cargo space, how practical are the controls. He doesn’t waste time or words on inconsequential things in his reviews.

+1 Best reviews for any car, not just EVs.

Another endorsement of Alex on Autos, here. Most car reviews sound the same, mentioning something about soft-touch materials and the on-center feel of the steering.

Alex doesn’t always get everything 100% correct, but at least he puts in the effort. There’s a lot of information in his videos.

Yes He’s very succinct and doesn’t waste time or try to be cutesy or ingratiate himself as if running a popularity contest.

And on this video I didn’t have any further questions since he was so complete. Bravo.

As far as the car itself goes, as Alex himself says, its a very compelling offering. Too bad that I still have to go across the border to see one.

“Handles well for an EV” is slap in the face for the EV community.

In another word, it doesn’t handle as well as the ICE version that it could be…

There is no reason why EVs have to be below average on handling…

Soul EV might sound nice but it doesn’t sell well due to lack of inventory.

Is this another compliance car at play here?

Another blah EV. Wouldn’t pay a penny for it