ALDI SÜD To Deploy 50 Solar-Powered Chargers In Germany

JUL 2 2015 BY MARK KANE 11

One charger - three plugs

One charger – three plugs

Expansion of the German charging network is gaining speed as another company has added a significant project.

ALDI SÜD intends to install 50 multi-standard chargers (20 kW CCS, CHAdeMO and Type 2).

50 sites only in this one project will increase the current CCS number in Germany by one third and CHAdeMOs by even more.

“Citing environmental protection and giving its customers an easy and free access to charging as its motivation, leading German supermarket chain ALDI is investing in charging stations at its branches all across Germany. Cooperating with RWE, one of the biggest utilities in the country, they are spending €2.2 million to deploy around 50 chargers in the car parks of their shops by this summer. The chargers, called „Sonne tanken“, are equipped with 20kW CCS, CHAdeMO and Type 2 connectors and will be powered by solar PV panels installed on the rooftops of the ALDI stores.”

Good new does not end here. All ALDI chargers will be free, even if the driver doesn’t buy anything at the supermarket.

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CCS and CHAdeMO users will be happy, but there are already 4500 22kW Type 2 chargers in Germany. 43kW Type 2 would really have made a difference (just 39 existing). I would gladly pay for 43kW Type 2 when doing long distance travels.

And btw. – they are only open monday to saturday from 8am to 8pm while the Aldi store is open. *sigh*

All free even if you’re not shopping there?? Wow, that would be awesome if they did something similar in the U.S.

Well Done Aldi!


You can only use them when sun is shining.

Well done Aldi.
When are we getting the chargers at Aldi USA?

Do you suppose Aldi will extend this effort to their US owned store locations? (read: Trader Joe’s)

Trader Joe’s belongs to Aldi Nord. Northern Germans are desperately hoping on a similar initiative by Aldi Nord.

Note: Aldi Süd does only exist in the southern half of Germany (Süd = south). Aldi Nord (north) is not involved here.
So northern neighbors of Germany have to travel quite far to find a Aldi Süd store…


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Dear Aldi,
Your leadership in renewable energy is desperately needed in Australia. Despite our wilfully Luddite Federal Government, the people of Australia are heartily embracing renewable energy but in the area of electric cars they need some help and guidance. Rolling out solar powered, high profile charge points at your down under chain of supermarkets will go a long way to helping the cause.
All the best,
Ross Carroll