Aldi To Offer Free Charging In Germany


Discount retailer Aldi will offer free fast charging at approximately 50 locations in Germany.

Here’s the press blast:

Shop at affordable prices – recharge for free

ALDI SÜD introduces free quick-charging stations for electric vehicles in Düsseldorf
47 sites with RWE charging stations planned
RWE is the technology partner and supplier

Doing your shopping while quickly recharging the electric car: for the customers of the Düsseldorf ALDI SÜD branch “An der Piwipp”, it is now possible to combine both. Germany’s leading discount supermarket has installed quick charging stations in the customer car park. And the best thing is: These charging stations are totally free for the users. For the company, this is the start of a much wider commitment. In total, quick-charging stations are planned at around 50 ALDI SÜD locations.

“Sustainability and climate change affect us all. With the “Fill up on Sun” project, we want to inspire our customers to choose an environmentally friendly form of mobility”, explains Florian Kempf, head of energy management at ALDI SÜD. “The energy is produced by solar PV systems on the store roof and delivered directly to the car park below for free. There is no better way to put the energy revolution into practice than this.”

Refuelled in less than half an hour
The charging stations provided by the technology partner and supplier RWE are cutting-edge DC models and offer an innovative quick-charge technology. Recharging takes – depending on the vehicle – the same amount of time as a normal round of shopping. To make this attractive offer accessible to all owners of an electric vehicle, the quick-charging stations have all the current access plugs: the Combined Charging System (CCS) standard, Chademo and the Type 2 connector.

“Charging has to be easy. And with ALDI SÜD’s commitment, it has become a bit faster and also more convenient”, says Dr Arndt Neuhaus, CEO of RWE AG Germany. “With our technology, we stand for safe operation and short charging times. The charging infrastructure plays a key role for companies. ALDI SÜD is setting an example.”

Electromobility on the upswing
As a pioneer in the field of electromobility, RWE operates more than 4,000 charging points throughout Europe. The charging stations at ALDI SÜD will drive the expansion of the current quick charging technology further forward.

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Would be great to have that here in Ohio as well, Aldi by work AND my house!

Now if Aldi and Lidl did this in Ireland, there would be at least 2 rapid chargers in every town all a miles or two away from each other.

Yeah, well… they are 20kW chargers, so not that fast. But it almost doubles the available CCS and CHAdeMO chargers in Germany. Compared to about 4000 already existing 22kW Type2 chargers (fully usable by all Zoes and Tesla S as well as Smart EDs with optional dual/fastchargers), it is less exiting.

Are you sure? The article states “Refuelled in less than half an hour”

I sure wish Trader Joes would do the same at all of there US stores.

( Trader Joes is the “nephew” of Aldi SÜD. i.e., Aldi Nord is Trader Joes’ parent company. )