Aladdin Magic Carpet – Video

2 years ago by Mark Kane 10

Aladdin Magic Carpet

Aladdin Magic Carpet

Aladdin’s magic carpet recently was spotted in the U.S. and we have it on the tape.

It’s almost like an electric skateboard with remote control and it sure looks like it would be a blast to ride.

Now we just need to find the lamp from Aladdin, as we have a lot of work for Jinn.


10 responses to "Aladdin Magic Carpet – Video"

  1. RexxSee says:

    No exhaust?

    1. Anon says:

      Must be running on “Magical” Hydrogen…

  2. Daniel White says:

    Nice… I want one.

  3. John says:

    Is it bad that I kept waiting for someone to swing a car door open unexpectedly…

  4. wavelet says:

    Great video…
    The video was apparently made on a Boosted board,
    but it’s actually pretty impressive hoe unobtrusive an electric skateboard can be, in terms of no visible motor or batteries:

  5. Ken says:

    Ive been riding my Zboard SFS ekectric skateboard for 3 years now. This is nothing new. 18 miles an hour with almost 18 miles of range. Its very similar to the boosted board but without a handheld remote. My Zboard has weight sensitive footpads. I don’t wear a silly outfit though and my board doesn’t have a silly rug attached.

    1. RexxSee says:

      Sorry for you, you won’t date a princess! 😉

    2. RexxSee says:

      Must be awesome to ride such transportation device!

  6. Brandon says:

    Wow. Totally cool! That got people’s heads to turn!

  7. BraveLilToaster says:

    That *was* an epic video! They even got New Yorkers to notice them!

    However, how could you not notice the “related” video, “Behind the scenes”?

    Yes, it’s an electric