Agility Saietta R Electric Motorcycle Touches Down on US Soil

NOV 29 2013 BY MARK KANE 2

Agility Saietta R

Agility Saietta R

A peculiar Saietta R electric motorcycle will visit Colorado soon as the Agility Global company will attend the UK’s Clean and Cool Mission to Colorado.

“A group of the UK’s most promising clean technology companies have been chosen to attend the Clean and Cool Mission to Colorado in December. The sixteen companies, which were unveiled at an official ceremony in London last night, will visit Colorado, the fastest-growing cleantech ecosystem in the U.S, to showcase their innovations and explore business opportunities associated with tackling climate change.”

Agility Saietta R

Agility Saietta R

The mission will take place 30th November – 6th December, and Agility describes it as follows:

“Agility Global has blended Formula 1 and aerospace design with advanced engineering and electric technology to manufacture the world’s first high-performance, clean tech motorcycle. Saietta, is a premium, electric urban sports motorcycle that more than lives up to its name. Strikingly designed, fast and powerful, it is also clean and green.”

The UK prepared a strong introduction for Agility and we already know that Saietta R is in production, but is this realy the “first high-performance, clean tech motorcycle”? How about Lightning Motorcycles, Mission Motorcycles, Brammo and Zero  Motorcycles?

The Saietta R is rated at 3.9 seconds from 0 to 60 and reaches speeds of up to 80 mph. Not bad, but also not as fast as some other models. The biggest difference with this machine and other electric motorcycles is the look, which is interesting but not acceptable for some.

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Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

It has the look of a Lawmaster, though presumably without the machine guns 😉

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