Aggressive Pricing Leads To Best Selling Month Of The Year For The Chevrolet Volt

JUL 2 2013 BY JAY COLE 12

Solar Canopy Charges Chevrolet Volt's Outside Hamtramck Facility

Solar Canopy Charges Chevrolet Volt’s Outside Hamtramck Facility

For June GM posted it best sales result of 2013…by a long shot.

More Than 2,600 US Consumers Chose The Volt In June

More Than 2,600 US Consumers Chose The Volt In June

During the month, a staggering 2,698 Volts were sold, an increase of more than a thousand from May (1,607).  A large part of this number can be attributed to a year-end deepening of discounts on the Volt, where purchasers of the 38 mile extended range car netted at least $4,000 off the MSRP.

June’s deals from Chevy on the Volt:

  • $2,000 off + 0% financing for 60 or 72 months
  • $3,000 off + 0% financing for up to 48 months
  • $4,000 off
  • continuation of $1,000 off in “conquest” deals of leas conversions from other manufacturers vehicles

Overall GM has now sold 9,855 plug-in Chevys as compared to 8,817 in 2012, good for a near 12% increase.

It should also be noted that GM had a monstrous second half of sales last year, and sold 14,644 Volts (about 2,400 per month on average), so ‘the General’ still has its work cut out for them to stay ahead of the pace.

2014 Chevrolet Volt Production Starts July 15th, 2013

2014 Chevrolet Volt Production Starts July 15th, 2013

June was also the first month of the year were GM sold more cars than they built, aided by the fact that their Hamtramck facility was preparing to go into summer shutdown.

The plant resumes production on Monday, July 15th, and brings with it the new 2014 model year version of the Volt (all the details on that here), as well as the ability to also produce 2014 Cadillac ELRs which are scheduled to enter consumer production in the late fall.

The all-time high water mark for Chevrolet Volt sales  in the US came in October of 2012 when 2,961 cars were sold.

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That’s the best month EVER….yes??

great news.

Nope! I think last year there was a month with + 2,900.

By the way, accounting for this month sales, cumulative sales in the U.S. passed the 40,000 mark since December 2010. And accounting for the Ampera sibling, I think the Volt/Amper passed the 50K milestone.

Jay, can you check these figures? (it is weird that GM is not saying anything about the 50K milestone)

I’m eager to see if GM can sustain 2500 units/mo whenever they announce the price cut, I think they can, and that the 30,000 domestic US sales (plus international sales) would be good to last them until generation 2.

I think Volt customers are more informed that a typical car purchase. As has been shown time and again the customer often knows more about the car than the salesman. As such, I bet a lof of potential Volt customers were holding off to see if there was going to be a big price drop for 2014.

With the Leaf at 2,225, look like the Volt will be the June plug-in winner.

Volt overall US sales since creation = 41,313

And YTD the Volt is now beating the Leaf, 9855 to 9839.

Which means together, the two cars added almost 20,000 new plug-ins to US roads in the first half of the year!

And we are at about ~40k PHEV’s total YTD. And 110,000 total since the first Volt & Leaf were sold in the year 2010.