After Mission E, Porsche Will Launch New SPE EV Platform


Maybe A Pure Electric Porsche 918 Spyder Is In Our Future?

Future Lamborghini and Audi models might use the hardware too.

MEB and PPE. These are the acronyms for just two of the Volkswagen Group’s brand new electric platforms. The first one stands for “Modular Electrification Toolkit” tailored to mainstream electric vehicles while the other represents “Premium Platform Electric” for high-end models and is a joint effort between Audi and Porsche. Now, prepare to learn a third acronym as Automotive News has discovered that Porsche is working on a new SPE platform catering high-performance models.

Porsche 911 Carrera GTS

“SPE” first appeared as a footnote in a capital markets presentation (see PDF here) made by the parent company VW back in November and should not to be confused with the J1 platform being developed by Porsche for the 2020 Mission E. The new SPE architecture won’t make its debut on a production car anytime soon as a spokesman for the Stuttgart-based marque told AN it’s simply “too far away” to talk about it right now.

Interestingly, SPE could form the basis for future Lamborghini and Audi models as a senior executive from VW has confirmed Porsche has been tasked to develop the platform for a range of “two-door sports cars and supercars.” However, we will have to patiently wait as the report goes on to specify the first cars to utilize the SPE underpinnings are not due to come out before the middle of the next decade. Separately, Audi is preparing its own EV setup and it will debut later this year when the E-Tron fully electric SUV will debut in production guise based on the C-BEV platform and set to spawn a sleeker E-Tron Sportback in 2019.

Porsche with its E-Hybrid models, Audi with the E-Tron cars, and the core brand VW with numerous hybrids and a couple of EVs – have already embraced electrification and sooner or later Lamborghini will also make this step. In fact, a hybrid Urus SUV is necessary, according to an insider from Sant’Agata Bolognese. Meanwhile, Bentley has confirmed a Bentayga with a plug-in hybrid powertrain will debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Even the once humble Skoda brand has announced the Kodiaq and Superb will be electrified by 2020.

All things considered, it looks like the VW Group is betting big on electric vehicles in the aftermath of the Dieselgate.

Source: Porsche via Automotive News

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I know many people don’t like the Volkswagen Group in this blog but I’ll tell you what; it actually has the wallet to keep up with Elon Musk’s mouth.

We have yet to see that wallet being put to good use…

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Half of the funds from the fine will be administrative BS cost and maybe if were lucky we’ll see 30% of those funds actually materialize into actual L2 or DCFC stations.

I’ll bet some politician will find some way to “earmark” some of it for their pet projects.

Since VW is allowed to run the network as a proper business and hopefully profit from it I think they are very interested in doing it properly. Additionally it’s good advertising for their EVs

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Can you post a link stating this?

I’m pretty sure the “Fine” for being an emissions cheater and liar shouldn’t be a method for VW to profit from.

What do you think all these development reports have been about?

Go to the top of Inside EVs web page, click “VW” and read from oldest to newest. Note the R8 etron, and Q7 PHEV articles, which at this point are 5-6 years old. Do you see a pattern?

Marketing, for any corporation, is cheaper than innovating. It’s cheaper than simple good behavior. Tesla’s no saint, but VW, Audi, and Porsche’s deceptions go beyond everyone else. Everyone.

When can Tesla straighten out fit and finish issues in mass production?

Um…. there is a truck coming once a week full of Model III’s to Minnesota now. They are producing more Model III’s per week than Model X’s. I would say they are close. Hurry up, VW Group!

Fit and finish has plagued every new car from every manufacturer in the first few thousands. Everybody screamed about Model S (now has highest customer satisfaction). Model X had many issues that have been resolved, but nobody talks about improving quality. I have seen poor fit on Lexus, Mercedes and Audi. It takes time and many cars to get manufacturing lines perfect.

Tesla owners put up with a lot of problems. I talked to an owner a few weeks ago and the experience he described with his Model S would have had most car buyers looking for lawyers to file suite under lemon laws.

Quality control plagues many low volume cars so I guess those who can afford $100K cars are cool with lots of problems. They can always drive some other $100K car they own while others are in for repairs. There’s also the bleeding edge syndrome where early adopters are far more forgiving of new tech than the general public would be.

Listen to Dan, or go look at the car and judge for yourself.

Production shatters the myth.

Serial anti tesla troll thomas


(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


And…what’s your excuse for Toyota then?

Good point! Where is Toyota’s all electric cars?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Rav4 EV………blahahahahahaha!!!!

And yet SPE was never explained. Digging into the PDF it would appear it stands for Sports Platform Electric.
Hopefully VW finally figures out what it is doing and actually makes EV’s that are not just for the compliance market like their e-Golf.