After First 9 Months of 2013, Chevy Volt and Nissan LEAF Take #138 and #140 on Overall US Sales Chart

OCT 13 2013 BY MARK KANE 17

According to latest data released on the Best Selling Cars blog, after the first 9 months of 2013, the Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt took #140 and #138 respectively in the sales ranking of all vehicles.

For the Volt, this is slight drop of one position from #137 at this same point in time in 2012 (despite 3% higher number of deliveries 16,760 vs 16,348).

But the Nissan LEAF got momentum with growth by 208% year-over-year (16,076 vs 5,212).  The Nissan LEAF jumped from #208 after the first 9 months of 2012 to #140, almost even with the Volt.

Both the best selling fully electric and best selling plug-in hybrid still need to double their respective sales to get into TOP 100.

This year, spot #100 is occupied by the BMW X5 with 31,299 sales. To reach such a level, both the Volt and LEAF need to sell over 2,600 copies a month on average. This isn’t impossible, but until now Nissan never sold that amount in a single month.

US Cumulative sales for the LEAF is now 35,588 and 48,218 for the Volt.

Nissan LEAF And Chevrolet Volt sales in US

Nissan LEAF And Chevrolet Volt sales in US

Source: Best Selling Cars

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17 Comments on "After First 9 Months of 2013, Chevy Volt and Nissan LEAF Take #138 and #140 on Overall US Sales Chart"

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I guess it’s fair to say that even with huge price cuts and massive tax incentives, the Volt and Leaf are big disappointments.

Not fair to say at all about the Leaf. Leaf sales more than double last years. They sell every one they make. Trying to increase production. Nissan claims to make money on each Leaf. Tax incentives are pennies compared to tax breaks to oil and gas companies.

No, I don’t think it is fair to say that. But then, fair isn’t what you’re interested in, is it?

The volt outsold over 138 types of cars including Escalade, Corvette, cooper mini, and buick regal. How is that disapointing? I just heard an oil guy on CNBC talking about the need for electrified vehicles. You need it so you have gas to drive your monster truck.

As a Volt owner I am not disappointed at all. Don’t know much about the Leaf since I don’t own one.

But… YOU know better…

@T2Y, that’s a bit like looking at a cultured Petri dish after the first 24 hours and remarking “gee, there’s not a lot going on”.

Maybe you missed the part about the Leaf achieving 208% year over year growth.

Just wait a bit. Things will get very exciting soon.

Can we get an electric F-150? That Model S pack would fit nice under the bed.

Supposedly, Tesla is planning on making a truck. I agree – it would be a good fit.

VIA motors.

Or buy a Ford Ranger electric on eBay. 2 available.

in the first picture how could anyone consider that ugly leaf over the sexy volt

I chose that ugly Leaf over the “sexy” Volt because it doesn’t have a gasoline engine to lug around and maintain. But I do wish it looked more like the Volt.

Fair enough. I do respect your comment about carrying a gasoline engine around. +1

I praise your commitment. +1

One day we’ll have the infrastructure to support all-electric vehicles. It’s just not here now. -2

We’re even.

So I’ll keep my Volt.

Yes. My neighbor who has a Leaf tells me that “baggage” you have by having a gas engine is non-existent in the Leaf—no motor oil, no gas, no coolant, no radiator, no spark plugs, water pumps, etc. etc. etc. Nissan announced they will have an even stronger battery in Spring 2014 to handle the really hot climates.

Hmmm…. Wonder what spot the Corvette holds?


I wonder where Tesla is on this list?

We won’t be able to pinpoint for sure (hopefully) for a few weeks until Tesla updates Q3 sales, but their 9 month cumulative US sales on the Model S should be around 13,000 (give or take 500ish)…which would put them a couple Hondas at #157

156 Honda Ridgeline 13,568
157 Honda Crosstour 12,907

The BSC data is somewhat flawed IMO. Much like other “blog” sites like it seems to selectively separate certain model variants of some cars as a separate sales volume and not others. (eg Golf, Golf GTI, Golf R being reported separately but ALL Civics are lumped together)
There isn’t really 157 cars out there, lol
IIRC after Q3 the Volt and Leaf came somewhere in the mid-70th place in nameplate sales. (that was 2 weeks ago)
IMO you’d be better off to use a more recognized source of “Sales by Nameplate” data such as Automotive News or Wards Data Centers. JMO-WOT