After December Record, Norway Notes A Significant Plug-In Sales Fall In January

FEB 24 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

New plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – January 2018

We aren’t used to seeing a decrease in plug-in electric car sales in Norway, but well… that is exactly what happened after the December surge to an all-time record.

BMW i3s

The strange thing is that entire automotive market in Norway plunged by 29.5% to 9,207.

Plug-ins decreased by 24.6% to 3,691, but maintained 40% market share!

Here are the details:

  • BEVs 2,126 (-7%, good for 23% market share) + 890 ‘used’ plug-ins + 84 vans (55 new and 29 used) + 2 FCV
  • PHEVs 1,565 (-40%, good for 17% market share)

Oddly, demand for plug-ins didn’t decrease that much – there are thousands of pre-orders for various new models that simply are unable to be  fulfilled quickly.

The BMW i3 seems to be the top model in Norway currently with 614 registrations and second place in the model rank, just behind the Volkswagen Golf/e-Golf/Golf GTE (with 754 combined).

Renault ZOE is third with 334.

Tesla deliveries amounted to just 215 (110 Model S and 105 Model X), while in December that number was 2,455.

New plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – January 2018

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The decrease is not surprising: The buyers are not stupid and can see the storm coming at the horizon. They are waiting for the 2.0 Leaf’s to be blown into their driveways, and maybe also Model 3s. Why should they buy an ICE now?

BTW: Porsche has announced a few days ago that they will stop selling diesel powered cars. Not 2022, not 2020, NOW. You can’t order a new diesel Porsche at this point any more.

So, BEVs at 23%. That is good news! I concur that things will pick up when the new LEAF arrives and later when the Tesla Model 3 arrives. At this rate, next year will see BEVs at over half the total car market. When Model Y and Tesla Pick-up trucks arrive it will be all over for the ICE market in Norway.

1. Tesla plan the deliveries to complete as many cars as possible within the finance calendar of 3 months, making March, June, September and December strong months, as shown in the graph.

2. A lot of thousands Norwegians have ordered the new Leaf to be delivered before the summer.

3. Of course people are also cuing up for Hyundai Kona and Kia Niro, in addition to Model 3.

The prognosis for Norwegian pure EV car sales is more than 40% for 2018.

True! Add Mercedes EQ, Audi e-Tron, Jaguar i-Pace, VW Crozz and perhaps the long range Leaf to the math, and it’s no wonder some people are holding out. I bet sales will sharply increase over the year. And I think it’s worth noticing that ICE care sales are even more sluggish. Could be a sign a significant number of buyers are planning to go all out EV.

Yes, to sell a used ICE car in Norway now is very difficult. People have to drop the price a lot to move the car, especially Diesel. There are 39285 used Diesel cars for sale on the most popular internet sales place in Norway, and 21125 petrol cars, while the electric amounts to 2538 with prices that are very high. Car dealers is very keen on getting hold on used electric cars, but very reluctant to used ICE cars. A big part of the reason are growing toll roads with free pass for electric cars and toll amounting to up to 4-5000 Euro each year for ICE cars if you have 2-3 passings each day.

Also, the true “Sale” is not registered as a sale before the car is registered on the road, so that can be many months after the real sale.

Many car markets peak in December and sink in January. You can see that in the multi-year chart above. The 29% fall for all cars is the proof.

Every same month in the chart shows increase in the next year except January 2018 – January 2017…

….and April 2017 – April 2016

There’s huge supply problems for basically any electric car to the Norwegian market these days. I’ve even seen one Ford Focus Electric that was newly registered, and that’s a sign everything else is hard to get your hands on. There’s up to a year of waiting just to get an e-Golf if you order now, and while deliveries of the new LEAF have begun, it’s impossible to even book a test drive.

That plus the fact that upcoming electric cars are part of the mainstream media news – and not just for the Model 3 – goes some way to explain why car sales are slowing. If all the EVs on the market were available with a few weeks delivery we would see not only much higher total sales, but also a much bigger share of electric cars.

How is the used car market for plug-ins?

Come out to east coast, already test drive 2018 Nissan Leaf