After 11 Months of 2013, Nissan Sells More LEAFs in Japan Than in All of 2012

DEC 26 2013 BY MARK KANE 6

Nissan LEAF Continues to Top Most European Sales Charts

Nissan LEAF

While looking for progress in electric car sales in Japan we see that the Nissan LEAF has already exceeded its 2012 level (11,115 units).

It happened thanks to the 1,306 units sold in November, bringing the YTD total for 2013 to 11,786.

Last month’s result is however on par with the 1,312 LEAFS sold in November 2012.

Once December’s results are in, we expect to see LEAF sales post approximately a 20% gain in Japan for 2013.

A total of 276,399 cars were sold (excluding kei-cars) in November of 2013 in Japan, which means LEAF sales for the month were at less than 0.5% market share.

From December 2010 through the end of this November, Nissan soldĀ  in Japan over 33,230 LEAFs.

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I guess we’ll be seeing some yearly total sales here in the next week or so.

I think your market share percentage is off – it’s 4.26% – 11786 / 276399. That’s a lot more than less than .5%!

That’s actually a pretty darn good percentage – 1 in 23 cars sold in Japan is a Nissan Leaf! Add in other EV/PHEV/EREV sales and I am sure they are way over 10%!

Not quite, those are most likely Nissan total sales in Japan. The Japanese buy around 5 million cars a year….

The numbers are for November sales only. Total sales by all automakers in November (excluding kei cars)

The 0.5% is accurate. That’s the LEAF’s percent of market share for November versus total vehicles sold in November.

So, LEAF sales of 1,306 / 276,399 = ~0.5%

Here in the USA, the Nissan LEAF sales seem to be driven by vehicle availability. I have to wonder if these sales numbers are just based on Nissan’s production plan in Japan, with Nissan selling just what they have chosen to make in each of the measured years. While the LEAF is a leading EV in worldwide sales, it just seems like it could be doing even better if Nissan would use more of its manufacturing capacity. Is the internal culture and rewards within Nissan driving this, or is Nissan struggling to make these cars? And what about the announcement of the 2014 Nissan LEAF pricing in late December? Is this going to happen in the next 3 business days, or could the factors limiting production — planned and/or technical — be at work here also? I know EV introduction is well ahead of the pace set when hybrids were introduced, but it seems clear that acceptance of EV technology is different. If I look at the empty half of the glass, I see that Nissan cannot sell cars that it does not assemble and that have no pricing.