AFDC: There Are Now Nearly 20,000 Charging Points in the US


Charging Station Tally in US Listed Under "Electric" Category

Charging Station Outlet Tally in US Listed Under “Electric” Category

As 2013 comes to a close, we thought it worthwhile to examine how many charging stations/points exist today in the US.

While we understand that some sites such as Recargo or Plugshare list totals that disagree with the Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC), we rather go with the AFDC’s figures simply because its a government run site and it’s updated by a process that involves the AFDC confirming that the stations still exist and are operational.

With that stated, we come to a number: 19,472.

That’s how many charging outlets (non residential) were in the US as of December 25, 2013.

It’s worth noting that the AFDC counts each individual outlet in tallying this figure.

California is of course home to more charging points than any other state with 5,176 there.

To see how many chargers/points exist in your state, follow this link to the AFDC’s site.

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Something more interesting would be to know how many fast charging stations there are. And by fast I mean at least 30 kW

Of the 219 Public and Private Stations in NJ, none are located in shopping mall parking lots. Way to go NJ.


I googled NPNS and got the french feminist movement Neither Prostitutes Nor Submissives…. For some reason it didn’t seem right so I continued until I found No Plug, No Sale which seems more accurate 😛

20,000 charging points and 15,000 of them in are in bad locations.

+1 on that. And how many cost upward of double to triple per fuel-mile than gasoline?

If the Dept. of Energy separates CNG and LNG (Compressed vs. Liquid Natural Gas), why don’t they make a distinction between AC ‘destination chargers’ (under 25 kW) and DC ‘range-extending chargers’ (over 25 kW)?

There’s a significant difference between a normal wall plug (Level 1) at 1.1-1.5 kW, a Fast charge outlet (Level2 with 220V) at 6-20 kW and a Tesla Supercharger outlet at 120-200 kW. It’s like counting miles of back-lanes and freeways as miles of highways.

‘Range-Extending’ charging has a different use case and speed limit that ‘Destination’ charging. At a destination, speed is not a priority.

LOL, way to go Alaska.

Alaska has at least two J1772 Level2 public charge locations (and a few more private lcations). PlugShare has entries for Fairbanks and Juneau.

#2 Texas. Last check, in Austin we had 160ish (city owned). They seem to be better placed, but there isn’t good coverage downtown. I’ve altered my habits to go to the Walmart and HEBs that have them…