AeroVironment Selected by Fiat as Preferred Provider of Home Charging Stations for Fiat 500e

AUG 24 2013 BY MARK KANE 4

AeroVironment EVSE

AeroVironment EVSE

AeroVironment once again grabs a deal with automaker to supply and install home charging stations.

This time, AeroVironment was choosen by Fiat as preferred provider of home charging stations and installations for its Fiat 500e.

For the California company, this is fifth such contract, which makes AeroVironment leader in this area.

Fiat 500e owners can bundle the home charger and installation with the car purchase right at the FIAT Studio.

Wahid Nawabi, AeroVironment senior vice president and general manager of its Efficient Energy Systems business segment stated:

“The Fiat 500e increases the number of plug-in electric vehicles available to American drivers. By choosing AeroVironment as its one-stop solution for home charging, FIAT has given us yet another opportunity to demonstrate that electric driving can be easy. At home and on the road, our charging solutions give EV drivers the benefits and convenience of faster charging and cleaner driving.”

To date, AeroVironment has deployed over 12,000 AC Level 2 charging stations across North America.

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David Murray

We have the exact same unit in our garage for the last 2 years. We’ve used it on our Volt and Leaf without issue.. .Well, I take that back. We’ve had some issues with the little O-Ring getting dislodged. It was a 10-second fix, though. Otherwise, it has worked flawlessly.

Audi RS5

screw the 500e


Is it that sexy that you want to have sex with it? Naughty boy!

Bill Howland

I have a serious question:

My Tesla Roadster works with some of these Aerovironment Units, but Not all. I don’t believe there are any options to set in these units and as far as I know one unit is supposedly identical to the other 11,999.

My Roadster will successfully charge at most Nissan Dealerships, but 1/3 of them, it will not.

The Trouble light on the Unit starts flashing right away, even before the contactor in the EVSE closes.

The Roadster has a design defect in that it places a ground fault on the line at the beginning of charging. However, this can’t be the problem in this case because the thing fails immediately even before the contactor operates. I therefore also can’t do a voltage check.

The only glimpse of something I can add here, is that where it DOES work, the incoming AC power seems low (205 volts or under). Perhaps units running on 240 or higher just imediately don’t like my Roadster for some unknown reason.

Anyone have any Ideas? I’ve talked to Service managers at Nissan Dealerships, and they can’t get too concerned about it, since they do always work with Leaf’s.