AeroVironment Presents TurboCord In Series Of Videos

JUL 17 2014 BY MARK KANE 15

AeroVironment TurboCord under heavy load

AeroVironment TurboCord under heavy load

Earlier this year, AeroVironment introduced the TurboCord, a small EVSE with capability of charging from both 120 or 240 volts outlets (up to 16 A).

TurboCord is rather a basic model for low power on-board charging.  However, this is yet one more product in a line recent products indicating that future EVSE are going to be smaller and without requirements of installation (early days there were no 3.3 kW EVSE plug-in models available on the market).

Recently, some videos demonstrating this device were released with “Nissan LEAF load test” (attempts to destroy the EVSE in marketing the product seems to be a standard these days as ClipperCreek for example used a baseball bat).

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I still don’t like it. It is like a wall-wart power adapter from the 1980’s. I’d much rather them use a slim little box for the electronics and give me a sturdy right-angle plug. Given the choice, I’d rather have the new (2013 and newer) Nissan Leaf factory EVSE and have it modified for 240V. I also like the EVSE that comes with the i-Miev and PiP. They are very small and can be made to run 240V.

Just buy one of these for $5

This is a much better design than the 120V provided with my 2011 LEAF. The short cord between the plug and the (large) electronics would leave the heavy stuff hanging in the air, as most garage plugs are ~4′ off the ground.

This EVSE moves the electronics up, where they have large surface contact against the wall and even rotates the exit position of the power cable, reducing the strain. It would have been nice if the found a way to add an 14-50 adapter, for Tesla+LEAF owners.

There was no price listed here, so FYI the one shown here is $650.

I like it and may buy one to keep in my car.
$649 is a bit pricey though.

Also, they need to hire the Sham Wow guy.

Tesla (again!) is ahead of the other manufacturers. They know that in the USA a car should be equipped with a 120v/240v EVSE, such as turbocord.

For all the other manufacturers, please wake up and make 120/240 standard equipment. Why is it so hard to switch to TurboCord (or something equivalent)?

I have been at a loss to figure out why all of the plug-in cars sold in the USA only include a 120V EVSE. Why is it so difficult to include an auto-sensing 120/240 volt unit? There should be very little cost difference. And yet that would save the average EV driver a lot of money because most would not need to purchase a second EVSE.

I think the main issue is liability. Most manufacturers want you to get an electrician to install a 240V EVSE so they will not be to blame if the wiring is insufficient. It also explains why GM lowered the standard charging rate from 12A to 8A on the Volt.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Will it fit inside the L1 charge ‘cubby’ on a ChargePoint EVSE?

Aren’t the Chargepoint EVSE 120V outlets locked? So if you have access to one, wouldn’t you just plug the Chargepoint* EVSE cable into the vehicle?

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

The port is locked at the rear of a cubby, so with a traditional EVSE you leave it dangling out the front with the wire behind the door. Preferably the entire EVSE would be behind the door, with just the plug and cable coming out.

In theory, someone could come along and snip the pigtail off your EVSE and wander off with it. Replacing the pigtail would probably cost $3 or less, on a $500 EVSE.

i have one,there great ,no problem and at 16 amps 220 ,5 hours to full with my leaf.I have quick 220 box ,anywhere i go ,the two together still 5 hours .it perfect

Quote from Ad V1, at 0:34

“It will shut down in a blink”

Did anyone else hear a double-meaning here, with the hidden meaning a dig at Blink for suddenly going out of business?

idiom – in the blink of an eye

yeah, I know that idiom and that is what most people would jump to. I was wondering if maybe they were doing a double-play on words. Coulda been just a coincidence that they selected that idiom and that “Blink” is one of their competitors that recently “shut down”.

I think this is a great product, it just costs too much! For $400 I can get a Clipper Creek LCS-20 and then I have a backup charger, the one that I bought and the 120V that came with the car, and $250 still in my pocket! I agree with David Murray, this is the charger that should come with the car.