AeroVironment Now Offers Portable, Plug-In EV Charging Station

OCT 17 2012 BY STAFF 14

AeroVironment, the maker of electric vehicle charging stations, has announced the company’s latest charging product allows users to easily plug and un-plug the station for ease of mobility.

“(The) EVSE-RS Plug-In, which easily and securely plugs into a dedicated 240 volt outlet, eliminates the need to hardwire the charging station into the home. The station is SAE-J1772 compliant & recharges all battery electric vehicle (BEV) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV) incorporating the SAE standard.”

AeroVironment's EVSE-RS Plug-In Technical Specs (Click to Enlarge)

Besides the ability to simply plug in to a 240v outlet, which is the receptacle that your dryer currently uses, the EVSE-RS Plug-In charger itself slides in and out of a wall-mounted bracket; this easy mounting method allows EV drivers to take their charging station with them when they move and allows them to charge at other frequently visited residences.

“The EVSE-RS Plug-In is easy to install, use & move,” said Wahid Nawabi, senior vice president and general manager of Efficient Energy Systems at AeroVironment. “All EV owners need is a dedicated 240 volt outlet, and they can easily install the wall mount and plug-in charger at their home. If they want to remove it, they simply unplug, slide it out of the bracket and take it with them to another location.”

The EVSE-RS Plug-In comes with both an installation kit and a mounting template.  The charger has a 25 foot cord, and weighs in at a not-very-light 19lbs.

The full spec sheet can be found here.  The unit is on sale now for $1,099 through, although if you act now, the unit is currently on sale for $1,049.  You can find the Amazon listing here.

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I’ve been endorsing this type of portability for EVSE’s for years now. Leviton was the first to come out with it a couple years back. You can simply install a 220v outlet at your parents house, or at any outer location that will let you, like other family members houses or even at work and bring your EVSE when you need to.

Totally with you on this one Tom. I have a portable EVSE myself, and it is great to have the flexibility of movement over a hardwire…especially if your like myself and tend to move a lot and/or have more than one place you stay regularly.

I have a portable EVSE too, it came with my car. This seems very bulky and hardly practical as most NEMA 6-50 plugs are covered by dryers and electric ovens and extremely hard to reach.

Leviton makes a similar portable EV charging product.

(For $800)

I wouldn’t exactly call this portable – but it is easily movable.

A true portable EVSE is like the typical L1/120V versions supplied with all plug-ins – but even better these would support both 120/240V with the appropriate adapter. Tesla has shipped one with all their vehicles and even makes the adapters to plug into just about any type of outlet available, though theirs is not J1772.

That said, you can still get a J1772 L1/L2 120/240V portable EVSE – the fine folks at EVSEupgrade will take the stock Nissan LEAF portable L1/120V EVSE and modify it to function on both 120/240V with the appropriate adapter. About the same cost as the AV unit in this article but truly portable.

The EVSEupgrade option only supports up to 16A. This supports 30A.

Thanks Brian for pointing that out, we were going to mention this originally in the story.

True – but of the top 3 selling plugins (Volt, Prius, LEAF) none of them can use more than 16A.

Tesla sells a 40A capable 120-240V universal portable EVSE for the roadster for $1500 (minus adapters for various outlets). This is truly portable and I suspect could be easily made to sell for quite a bit less in volume.

OpenEVSE gives you the plans – you just have to source an enclosure – One could easily build a 75A capable unit for less than $600. A 30A capable unit could be built for as little as $300 now that the price of plugs has come way down.

It’s only a matter of time before someone does it.

Yeah, apparently Tesla is almost there… The UMC for the Model S is $500, not $1500 as for the Roadster, and you get the first one with the car gratis.

They also include gratis a j1772 80 amp compatible adapter (should u purchase the $1500 dual charger option – otherwise you suffer along at 40 amps).


Not a breakthrough in price, seams like they are all expensive.  

Why does it cost so much?  
$25 – wall plug
$75 – car plug
$40 – 20 ft cable at $2 per foot
Why does the round box with the circuits and smarts cost so much?  Why is that part not built into the vehicles?

The UL certification costs about $500 per unit, my guess.. maybe more

I think its all just markup. I paid $725 plus tax for a 30 amp schneider electric. I could have easily put a plug on it to carry it around with me. As others have said, might have been handy to do if i had the same 208-240 volt plug at work.