Aerial Footage Of Tesla’s Fremont Factory – Video


Aerial Footage Of Tesla's Fremont Factory

Aerial Footage Of Tesla’s Fremont Factory

It’s not often we see Tesla’s Fremont factory from above (mostly because it’s illegal without a license or permission to capture drone footage on private grounds), but this video from the skies above the factory presents the rare view of the grounds, as well as of the vehicles that appear ready to ship off to buying customers.

Video description:

“This is an aerial view of the Tesla Fremont Factory where the cars are assembled and shipped off.”

As this video was captured just recently, most of those vehicles on the lots will be part of Tesla’s Q3 push to get all cars in customers hands as quickly as possible.

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The original gigafactory. The main building has the second largest footprint of any building in the world. {the largest is a flower auction site in the Netherlands}

I knew it was big, but mmy god, it’s huge! And to think that Elon was able to buy it for only $50M.

more parking spots available that i thought

Interesting there are no solar panels to see. Would have thought the factory would be a good candidate for solar.

Concur; seems like a huge opportunity to get power as well as reduce air conditioning load from the shade they would provide.

I drove by there on a work trip to the Bay Area. The place is truely massive.

It also looks much busier than several years ago.

Big deal. The Fremont factory is an old Toyota plant that sat vacant several years before Tesla bought it.

Actually, the Fremont factory was a GM factory. GM and Toyota ran a joint venture there for 20+ years. Per Wikipedia:

Fremont Assembly was a General Motors automobile factory in Fremont, California. Groundbreaking for the plant occurred in September 1961. It was the new site for production in the San Francisco area in 1962 when production moved from the older Oakland Assembly. Production continued through March 1 of 1982 when the plant was closed. Partially demolished (south end and water tower), the remaining plant was refurbished as the NUMMI joint-venture with Toyota and later became the Tesla Factory, Tesla Motors’ automobile plant.


I took the tour when GM/Toyota was there. Looking forward to a Tesla tour.

Sure does seem like a lot of new Tesla’s in the parking lot. I wonder if there are buyers for most of them??

Is it realy much bigger than before it went from NUMI to Tesla?

I’ve been there when GM/Toyota were the residents. Seems the same to me.