Advertising + Cheap Leases Equals Big Sales Gains For Nissan LEAF. 1,579 Sold In October

NOV 1 2012 BY STAFF 7

A recent marketing push by Nissan and some good leasing offers propelled the 73 mile electric vehicle to its best sales result of the year.  And by big margin.

For October, Nissan LEAF sales rose 60% to 1,579 cars.  The previous best monthly tally was 984 in September.

And while any other month that would have been good for second overall behind the Chevrolet Volt (2,961 sold), the Toyota Prius Plug-In put up its all time best result as well at 1,889 cars sold.

,(Nissan sales PDF can be found here)

To Nissan’s credit, they have been saying sales would “dramatically” start to improve in September, on their way to selling 20,000 copies in the United States before their fiscal year end on March 31st, 2013.   We would note that the second part of that missive is still very much in doubt, as Nissan has only 5 more months to sell just under 15,000 cars.

2013 LEAF To Get Entry Level Model With Less Features, And Less Price

Nissan began the month offering LEAFs for as little as $219/month with $2,999 down over 32 months, but by month’s end $199/month deals at local dealerships were more the norm, causing pressure on other plug-in manufacturers  to rework their own leasing offers.  (most notably on the Ford Focus Electric & Mitsubishi i-MiEV)

In advance of US production in Smyrna, TN, Nissan also begin to heavily promote the LEAF (new global advertising commercial below), something that had not been seen for the better part of the year due to Nissan’s inability to make any profit on the cars as long as they were still being built in Japan.

During the month of October, we also learned that Nissan will offer a cheaper, more basic 2013 model year LEAF to spur sales.  A starting MSRP of  under $30,000 has been heavily speculated since then.

This more inexpensive LEAF model will have the same 73 mile range, but lose features such as navigation and LED headlamps.

US LEAF production is expected to begin in about 4-6 weeks time in Smyrna, TN, with inventory hitting dealerships sometime in February.  Nissan media also put out a production video of the beginning of LEAF eMotor production in nearby Dechard, Tn.

Early in October, David Reuter, a Nissan spokesman reflected on the sales prior to this month by stating,  “The sales overall have not met our expectations, but we’re working hard to keep pushing,”

Now we know what he meant.

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Sounds like total plug-in sales keep rising… 2013 will have an even more crowded field…


Darn! I’ll never be able to charge at the airport.

Congrats to Nissan and all new Leaf owners! 🙂

I’m on an incredible (natural) high today as I just got back from my new driving route beween my desert house and Payson.

My Volt turned in some incredible numbers on the 70 mile round trip. ( only .56 gal used) and an overall MPG 125.

Then I come home and read that both the Leaf AND the Volt had top sales this month.


What ever happened to the battery issue, or was it just a bad dream that never happened? Tick, tick, tick…….

LED headlamps is what you mean.

LCDs would ruin the drag coefficient…

What not LCDs? Sorry about that typo, fixed.

They are right! The $219 a month lease convinced me to get a white 2012 leaf sv also. Im now the proud owner of two 2012 Leafs! The leased one will end up costing me less than the one i bought outright ! People ask me how happy am i with the Leaf and now i reply happy enough to own a black one and a white one!!!!