Adam Levine’s Tesla Model X Gets Rear-Ended By A Ferrari


Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine, along with wife Behati Prinsloo (a Victori Secret’s Angel) were rear-ended by a flashy Ferrari while driving their Tesla Model X P90DL in Malibu, California.

The damage was minor and no injuries were reported, but the wreck sure did draw quite the crowd of onlookers/gawkers.

Perhaps the Ferrari owner was overcome by the sight of the X?

Leaning On Ferrari To Inspect Model X Damage - Image Via Just Jared

Leaning On Ferrari To Inspect Model X Damage – Image Via Just Jared

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Source: Just Jared via Teslarati

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33 responses to "Adam Levine’s Tesla Model X Gets Rear-Ended By A Ferrari"
  1. Clive says:

    Wife is Prego, glad everybody is okay.

  2. Foo says:

    In other news, Tesla just announced “Ugly Ferrari avoidance mode” for Auto Pilot.

    1. Kdawg says:

      Apparently autopilot doesn’t help you from getting rear ended. So much for that 50% stat.

  3. Priusmaniac says:

    A tech marvel rear ended by a fossil old timer.

  4. CaptJackSparrow says:

    Who cares.
    Who’s the hot chic in the bottom pic on the right?
    lol, someone zoom in!

    1. Foo says:

      Dunno, but it looks like the side air bags have deployed.

      1. Nigel says:

        In CA they’re an aftermarket option.

        1. CaptJackSparrow says:

          Options for the new Model 4DD.

          1. Kdawg says:

            Maybe she was the cause of the accident.

  5. Kosh says:

    Is it me, or does the Ferrari looks like it’s parked (backed in)?

    Seems like the something not lining up with the story. Did Levine back into the parked Ferrari? LOL.

  6. Kosh says:

    Or….. valet parking error?

    1. evcarnut says:

      0r was it wardrobe malfunction?? l m a o …

  7. Mad says:

    That has to be the douchiest looking Ferrari… in the world.

    1. James says:

      You obviously missed his cousin’s car(s).

    2. offib says:

      When’s a Ferrari, or Lamborghini never douchey?

      1. Mister G says:

        When they are 100% electric..LOL

  8. James says:

    What kind of criminal did that to a $300k car? Are Saudi princes in town?

  9. offib says:

    Oh for goodness sake!! ” #butdidyoudie “

    1. Nemo says:

      Something about “SPEED”, too. Helpful labelling, to me it says “please convict me”.

  10. Eric says:

    Oh dear, rich people’s problems. Should we care?

    1. offib says:


  11. Metasystech says:

    Wait until the Ferrari owner gets the bill more this “minor collision” on a tesla. It is no doubt going to be higher than to repair the Ferrari.

    1. Will Davis says:

      what makes you say that? Ferraris use expensive multi-resistant coating.

      1. Metasystech says:

        search for “Tesla collision cost ” & “Tesla-certified body shop costs”

        There’s endless stories of crazy high cost for repairs on Teslas. Relatively new design using aluminum adds to the cost. More than likely these cost will come down with the F-150 being aluminum but for now the cost is high.

        1. TeV says:

          …and you can arrive at that conclusion without actually seeing any of the damage to either vehicle how exactly?

  12. Dave R says:

    Anyone else notice that the driver’s side glass didn’t close right and overlapped the chrome trim? Classic example of Tesla quality issues.

  13. ClarksonCote says:

    Ferrari License plate is “TM22”

    Guess that TM doesn’t stand for Tesla Motors? :p

    1. Kdawg says:

      At first I thought it was TMZZ and they were paparazzi following him.

  14. Speculawyer says:

    He may have hit him . . .

    BTW, I have a great new idea for a business. I’ll buy a bunch of replica Ferraris and Lambos and then ‘accidentally’ crash into the cars of celebrities while my car is covered with advertisements that I’ve sold to people.

  15. zll says:

    Adam Levine gets to rear end his wife all the time…

  16. Maroon… moron?