Actor Robert Pattinson Clowns For Charity With Fake Chevy Volt Revs and a Crash!


Thursday night a bevy of celebrities hosted by Seth Meyers, Jane Krakowski and David Duchovny appeared on NBC’s Red Nose Day telethon. The mammoth 3-hour production – a North American version of the wildly popular U.K. charity event benefitting several worthy children’s charities – included many offsite informative segments and musical numbers by performers like U-2 and Coldplay, as well as short comedic skits.

Robert Pattinson And A Loud Revving Chevy Volt

Robert Pattinson And A Loud Revving Chevy Volt

In the spirit of CBS’ infamous “fake engine sound” piece on the Tesla Model S that appeared on their 60 Minutes program, NBC carried on the nonsense, dubbing-in artificial engine revving noise in a comedy skit starring renowned actor, Robert Pattinson as a parking valet who abuses a 2012 Chevy Volt in a parking garage. Notice the Ford Focus EV parked in the background.

The good news is the month-long event has already raised over $21,000,000 to benefit kids worldwide, providing them with everything from shelter to water education, counseling and medical needs!

Hope you laugh out loud at this 15 second piece, whilst you shake your heads.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Everyone!

For information on the Red Nose Day charity –

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Nope no response

Well, I may be taking the video out of context, but frankly I think of it as annoying. It reminds me of the movie ‘Enough Said’ when a Chevy Volt makes a brief appearance and we hear an ignition noise as the car is restarted. Obviously, the idiots in post production felt the need to add the noise as it was never there in the first place. I find it most annoying because people can’t seem to rap their heads around the idea that it can be NORMAL for a car not to make those irritating ICE noises- even if that car is a more conventional (non plug-in) hybrid, which also makes no noise upon turning the key. It really is time that folks wake up to the fact that noisy cars will be gone in a few decades.

On the other hand, the Volt will never chirp the tires with its overly conservative on board traction control system…

I’ve actually chirped the tires in my Volt. You have to get a bit of wear on them first, though.