Activating Range Mode On Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive – Video


Activation Complete

Activation Complete

Coming to us via is this how to video that shows range mode (Range Plus) activation on the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive.

Video description:

Short video explaining how to active the Range Plus option in the Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive. Range Plus increases the range from 200 to 240 km.

eGear offers a bit of a more thorough explanation of Range Plus by stating:

You would think that Range Plus adds extra batteries but that’s not the case. Normally the B Electric Drive enables 77% of its 36 kWh battery pack which corresponds to 28 kWh usable capacity. By enabling Range Plus you can use 93% of the pack which equates to 33.5 kWh.

For more detail on Range Plus, check out eGear’s article here.  We should note that Mercedes has decided to make the “Range Package” standard on new 2015 editions of the B-Class ED; for the inaugural 2014 model is was a premium option ($600 in US, upwards of 900 Euro internationally).

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This should be a standard feature on all BEVs, because we could all choose to get more range when we needed it. I could get 15 miles or more out of my FFE if I was allowed to

That’s a very inefficient car.

The new Renault Zoe R240 with it’s 23,3 KWh usable battery also gets 240 km range on optimistic NEDC.

Mercedes should go back to the drawing board.

The ZOE is a very good BEV, but it is a lot smaller than the B-Class, if people need more space they need more KWhs.

I understand what you’re saying but this B-Class ED has a very inefficient powertrain. Even the Kia Soul EV that is as aerodynamic as a brick is more efficient.

This is at the level of Coda or BYD. I except more from Mercedes.

It’s a tesla powertrain…

I’m a big fan of Tesla, but their powertrains are far from perfect, especially the ones they sold to third parties.

Fortunately they have good warranty and some people even got 3 replacements. I think they figure it out with the latest dual-drive powertrain.

I don’t think it is quite Coda/BYD levels.

B-Class gets 84MPGe, 87 miles of EPA range out of 28kWh usable.

Coda gets 73MPGe, 88 miles of EPA range out of 31 usable.

BYD e6 is 63MPGe, 127 miles of EPA range out of 60kWh (unknown usable).

So B-Class is still a lot better than them, although worse than others.

range mode is a stupid feature because mercedes limited the pack and made this an option simply for money

That would be like an 85kw battery in a Tesla. You get 230 miles of range standard but if you get this $2,000 option you’ll unlock the full capacity and get 265+ miles

You mean like how Tesla sold the 40kWh model, which was just a 60kWh pack (which could be unlocked for an upgrade fee) 😉

At least Tesla realized this was a mistake, and got rid of that option.

thats a pretty pathetic (and unnecessarily costly) way of doing it.
Even the Leaf has the 80% charge option built into the automatic/scheduled charging so you only use 80% of the battery.
Even better, with Tesla you get to pick your charge “size” rather than always charging to 90% whatever, you can schedule a 55% charge if you like.

Nissan removed the charge to 80% feature in the 2014 and later model year (probably because of the EPA rating using an 80% charge, which wasn’t fair IMO).

This addresses one of my pet peeves with the other Tesla OEM car – the RAV4 EV. On the RAV you can only set the Charge Immediately mode or the Extended Charge mode when you turn off the car – then you have to touch the software button on the touch screen. At least on the B-Class you can just push the hard button any time during the charge.

The e-Golf addresses the other peeve. When you plug in and the car is set for delayed charging, you can just push a button next to the charge port and it will immediately start charging. Nice.

What’s really frustrating is that when I expressed interest in a B class just a month or 2 ago, they refused to sell me a 2015 because they still had 2014 inventory, which didn’t have the range mode feature (and at the time, people were reporting that the 2015 was waiting on the docks, but MB wouldn’t release them).

MB also won’t release a software update to unlock this feature in the 2014s (I asked), despite this being a standard feature now (and from what I can tell, software only).

and all the while Tesla have been releasing free over the air updates loaded with new features and capabilities since the Model S released.
Shows how behind the times MB is.

Leave it to the Germans to charge you for what amounts to a software feature that came standard on my 2013 LEAF.

900 euro to access an extra 16% of your battery that’s already there??? that’s pretty ridiculous, Mercedes.

Pretty lame you have to choose the extended range mode BEFORE charging. What if you wake up the next morning and realize, “crap, I have that doctor’s appointment after work!”? Range mode is useless then.

btw, is anyone else underwhelmed by the dash of the “B”? Looks rather blah for a Mercedes.

Not really. The point of range mode is to push the battery beyond normal operating conditions. By charging up to 93% instead of 77% of the battery capacity you reduce the life span of the battery. ( If you dig through the manual I would bet there is a note about using range mode consistently voids battery degradation warranty )