ACEEE Lists Greenest & Meanest Cars Of 2014

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Next-Gen Nissan LEAF Is On Track For Early 2017 Launch

Nissan LEAF

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) announced it 17th annual comprehensive environmental ratings for vehicles – the “Greenest” list.

As it turns out, the electric smart won, while the Nissan LEAF was third and the Toyota Prius Plug-In palced seventh.

“This year, the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive tops the “Greenest” list with a highest-ever score of 59 out of 100, just in time for the vehicle’s nationwide rollout. Following closely behind are the Toyota Prius C and the Nissan Leaf with scores of 57 and 55 respectively. Toyota’s entire family of Priuses performs exceedingly well again this year, with the regular Prius and the Prius plug-in hybrid nabbing spots #4 and #7. Other top scorers for 2014 include the Honda Civic Hybrid (#5), Lexus CT 200H (#6), Honda Insight (#10), and the Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid (#12). Making its return to the “Greenest” list after an absence last year is the Honda Civic Natural Gas vehicle (#9).”

“New to the list this year is the Mitsubishi Mirage, Mitsubishi’s new subcompact offering for the American market. With a Green Score of 55, the gasoline vehicle takes the 8th spot on our list. The only other non-hybrid gasoline model to make the list this year is the Smart ForTwo which placed at #11.”

Well, conventional cars don’t have it easy in environmental ratings these days, with the website indicating that for the 2015 model year, EVs probably will take half of the top spots.

ACEEE lead vehicle analyst Shruti Vaidyanathan stated:

“We’ve had such an influx of hybrid and electric vehicles in recent years that the race to earn a spot on the “Greenest” list is more competitive than ever, particularly for conventional vehicles. It’s encouraging to see automakers investing heavily in eco-savvy vehicles on the whole.”

Steve Nadel, ACEEE’s Executive Director commented:

“From the rise in the number of efficient vehicles in car-sharing and car rental fleets to the myriad advanced technology vehicle choices available to consumers, the leading edge of the U.S. auto market is evolving rapidly.”

For a look at all of the ratings, as well as a discussion on how ratings are determined, click here.

As for the “Meanest Cars of 2014,” you’ll find that list topped by a truck here.



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Anything with an engine, can’t be cleaner than a BEV, says the laws of thermodynamics.

So, I don’t grok why there are ONLY 2 BEVs in this entire list… Where are the other EVs?

I looked up the Kia Soul EV (my car) and it also scored a 55, so not sure why it’s not on the list. Also, my typical mi/kWh are better than they have for the Smart car, so yeah, I think this is a bunch of hooey

Cleaner probably includes more than just operating emissions, such as manufacturing, etc.

So I was watching Fox “News” and apparently, one must consider all energy associated with the individual atoms for electric cars from the time of creation. The “EV” logo alone takes more energy and kills more people from coal pollution (and ALL electric vehicles are powered exclusively by coal) than a 1970 Pontiac LaMans because cars and gas just magically appears and we don’t count transportation energy to or from the gas station.

But I used THEIR SCORE, which was high enough to be in the table but wasn’t.

That’s the 2014 table … they have a 2015 table, which lists the Chevy Spark EV and the Fiat 500e tied
for second place.

It appears from the website 2015 methodology changes explanation that 2015 EV scores will be more favorable.

how does the prius beat the nissan leaf??

The BMW i3 is not even rated! Can’t place much value in these ratings.

Something has gone horribly wrong over at ACEEE.

There are over 50 pure smog-belching vehicles that scored higher than either of the ZERO-EMISSION Teslas.

Pure Gasoline Cars I mean…another 12 (or so) are gas-hybrids.

And they only tested new cars.

The only reason the 1970 Cadillac DeVille didn’t score highly appears to be solely because they didn’t test it.

ACEEE list is made up by a bunch of idiots.

If you look at their “reasons”, one of the biggest difference is due to weight of vehicles which they determine as “green” components since it cost energy to manufacturing them. I would agree with that logic except for the fact that you can easily find MISTAKES by ACEEE in terms of weight used in their calculation. Some of the numbers are easily off by 10% or more.

You would think people at ACEEE would have people Q/A their data integrity…

Out of date report.