ACEA Reports 75,331 Electric Cars Registered In EU In 2014 (Up 37%)

FEB 16 2015 BY MARK KANE 10

ACEA press conference with President Carlos Ghosn in the middle

ACEA press conference with President Carlos Ghosn in the middle

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association with President Carlos Ghosn on-board announced that ECV (electrically chargeable vehicle) registrations in the European Union increased in 2014 by 36.6% to 75,331.

If you’ve never heard of ECV, here’s the explanation:

“1Total Electrically Charged Vehicles (ECVs) = Pure Electric Vehicles + Extended-Range Electric Vehicles + Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

2Pure Electric Vehicle (Electric, All Electric, Battery Electric, Fully Electric Vehicle) = vehicle powered solely by a battery charged from mains electricity. Currently, typical pure-electric cars have a range of approximately 100 miles

3Electrically Charged Vehicles other than Pure Electric Vehicles =  Extended-Range Electric Vehicles + Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles”

In Q4, registrations went down in fact by almost 8%, but according to the press release the overall numbers are positive.

“In Q4 2014, total electrically chargeable vehicle1 (ECV) registrations in the EU decreased slightly (‑7.7%), totalling 24,552. Of these, pure battery electric vehicles2 (BEVs) represented about half of the total: 12,755 in Q4 2014, up from 8,418 in Q4 2013 (+51.5%). The remaining 11,797 was made up of Extended-Range Electric Vehicles (EREVs) and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles3 (PHEVs), down (‑35.2%) compared to Q4 2013.

In 2014, 75,331 new ECVs were registered in the EU, a 36.6% rise. Looking at the EU’s major markets: the UK saw the largest increase over the year (+300.8%), followed by Germany (+70.2%) and France (+29.8%). Looking at the EFTA countries, Norway ended the year in first place with 19,767 registrations, more than doubling the registrations recorded in 2013 (+140.8%).”

Here is set of detailed tables for every country in  the EU, for all electrically charged cars, electric cars, and other electric cars (oh yeah!).

There are a lot of numbers to analyze. In general, we find that the UK is the leader with 15,361, while Germany, Netherlands and France are not far behind. Of course, no country will exceed Norway, which is not in EU.

Total Electrically Charged Vehicles

Total Electrically Charged Vehicles

Proportions change if we switch to all-electric cars. Norway is now out of range. France leads in the EU, Germany is second followed by the UK and the Netherlands.

Pure Electric Vehicles

Pure Electric Vehicles

Finally, electric cars that are not all-electric cars. The Netherlands is on top (Mitsubishi Oulander PHEV heaven).

Other Electrically Charged Vehicles

Other Electrically Charged Vehicles

Source of data.

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10 Comments on "ACEA Reports 75,331 Electric Cars Registered In EU In 2014 (Up 37%)"

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Did some kind of sales break happen in the Netherlands? It seems odd that everyone else went up and they had low numbers in all three sectors.

As far as I know, some incentives did run out in 2013. I remember almost all Mitsubishi Outlander plugins designated to the EU in 2013 where bought in the Netherlands.

Right. They sold like 10k EVs alone in December 2013.

Therefore the big dip in 2014. Even though EVs sales where in 2014 above 5% of all new car sales. Netherlands is around 1/8 as big as germany, yet having still around twice as much EVs sold in 2014.

Without Big Oil and Big ICE Car continuous pressures growth would be 300% like in China. The same applies to America.

My attempt at deciphering this:
Without big oil and ice car manufacturers, heavily advertising ice vehicles the uptake of electric vehicles would be around 300%, in China and the US?
If that is an accurate restatement, then I would have to disagree. In fact even with the various incentives for purchasing an ev’s in those two countries, uptake has been rather slow.

Bad deciphering.
In China Growth was more than 300% last year.
With sufficient availability, publicity, it would be the same here and in Europe.
But the Big Oil-Auto cartel decide otherwise.

…or bad english, sorry.

I don’t believe for one second that the demand for EVs is not growing because of “natural causes”. I think it’s an anti-marketing plan for the long term that is in motion to re-kill EVs using lousy hybrids.

Although the table shows the total for the European region as a whole (97,791), the title refers to the formal European Union, which does not includes Norway, the top selling European country. By a wide margin. The piece should highlight this fact.

Europe is finally catching up with the U.S., with almost 100k PEVs sold in 2014 vs 120k in the US, and a YOY growth of 50%. It seems all the new models launched in 2014 and the Outlander PHEV are making the difference.

The table shows most parts of EU, lacking 6 countries in the EU-28. Check the highlighted part of the tables.

But it’s also possible to see most of the European region (22 of the 28 EU countries + 4 EFTA countries) but there is still quite a few countries missing for it to be complete. Not the most noteworthy countries when looking at EV’s though since the total for Europe is just slightly above 100k sales.

Which countries had troubles with government incentives?

I think that UK ended up with few months with and few months without incentives.

Any other countries? (Best with split for quarters)

Maybe those ups and downs where consequences of price fluctuations. Few k’s can make a difference 😉

Also does anyone know how big discounts *EVs get at the end of the year?

In my country (Poland) one of EVs got almost 25% discount.

That would explain strong Q4 QoQ, and maybe weaker YoY.