AC Propulsion to Assist in Developing Tesla Model S Based Saleen EV


In the latest development related to the upcoming Tesla Model S based Saleen electric supercar, Saleen has announced that it enlisted the assistance of AC Propulsion.

Tesla Roadster Featured AC Propulsion Hardware

Tesla Roadster Featured AC Propulsion Hardware

“Saleen Automotive, an American specialty manufacturer of high performance vehicles, technical performance parts, lifestyle accessories and apparel, is pleased to announce that the Company has added legendary electric car developers, AC Propulsion, to its design team for the new Saleen Electric vehicle. AC Propulsion will provide the technology and implementation of the powertrain and battery for the project.”

With this announcement, we now believe that Saleen will basically use only the chassis, body, some interior components and battery pack from the donor Model S.  It seems likely that AC Propulsion will fit its own electric motor(s) in place to provide Saleen’s version of the Model S with even more oomph.

“AC Propulsion specializes in alternating current-based drivetrain systems for electric vehicles. The company produces electric vehicle drive systems featuring high performance, high efficiency induction motors and integrated high power battery charging. The Company is well-known for providing its proprietary technology to the Tesla Roadster, which was developed by Tesla Motors to mass-produce AC Propulsion’s tzero concept car. AC Propulsion also provided drivetrains and support for the BMW all-electric Mini E.”

CEO Steve Saleen suggests that AC Propulsion will at least tinker with both the powertrain and battery of the Model S:

“AC Propulsion is a proven leader and seminal thinker in electric car creation and we believe will greatly assist us in introducing a revolutionary vehicle to the market. I believe we have secured the very best partner possible for our powertrain and battery.”

Meanwhile, Paul Carosa, President of AC Propulsion, says the following:

“Mr. Saleen is on the verge of creating a vehicle unlike any on the market today, a tremendous new entry in the fast growing electric car market that lives up to the Saleen name and reputation. We’ll do our part to make it even better.”

Saleen S7 Electric Supercar

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I wonder if it will still be able to Supercharge and if they’ll apply ACP’s Reductive charging, and at what maximum rate.


maybe after Renault ZOE somebody else is picking up the great Idea of AC Propulsion.
I use that technology almost every day and its great !


First, the Tesla Roadster only used ACP components for the early prototypes. Tesla went on to design their own system for the Roadster.
Second, since the Motor in the current Model S is more powerful than anything ACP offers on their website I would be quite surprised if they remove it and replace it with an ACP unit. More likely ACP might be able to do some software tweaks, or remove some factory limits, to allow greater power output.