ABB To Supply 50 Fast Chargers To CLEVER In Denmark; Only CCS?

DEC 18 2013 BY MARK KANE 8

ABB Terra 53 CJG

ABB Terra 53 CJG that CLEVER probably didn’t order

ABB announced yesterday that CLEVER – the Danish country-wide network of charging points owned by five large Danish utilities – ordered 50 CCS (Combo) compatible chargers.

“CLEVER chose ABB’s Terra 53 product, equipped with a CCS connector, for all sites in order to support new electric cars equipped with the CCS fast-charging system, such as the VW e-UP! and BMW i3.”

There is no word about multi-standard or CHAdeMO plug, so we believe that this will be sole Combo plug units only.  One year ago, CLEVER bought 50 ABB CHAdeMO chargers, so now they will have 50/50, with many other points for AC charging.

ABB Terra 53

ABB Terra 53

The first ABB charger is already installed at a Shell petrol station and was inaugurated earlier this month by the Danish Minister of Transport, Pia Olsen Dyhr. CLEVER seems to covering prime petrol stations with DC charging. Well, we already know that most EV owners bought electric vehicles to drive to the gas station… No? Oops.

“CLEVER’s country-wide network of DC fast chargers will be expanded to 100 Danish locations covering a range of prime petrol stations and shopping malls.”

Pekka Tiitinen, head of ABB’s Discrete Automation and Motion division remarked:

“We are very pleased that CLEVER chose ABB as a supplier for its network expansion following the excellent performance in the earlier roll out of 50 stations in 2013. A nationwide fast-charging network at petrol stations is key to encourage car drivers to switch to electric vehicles.”

CLEVER CEO, Lars Bording stated:

“CLEVER’s strategy is to follow the car and that’s why we, as Denmark’s leading electric-mobility operator, establish charging stations for all types of electric vehicles available in the Danish market. This means that you can always be sure that there are (fast-)charging stations in our network to match your electric vehicle. Electric vehicles and charging go together, and it is critical that we deliver a charging infrastructure which is compatible and reliable.”

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Then Denmark will have much more DC fast chargers than Germany (just about 40 ChaDeMo, something like 3 CSS and now 4 Superchargers). BMW i3 will sell like crazy in Denmark…

The record holder soon will be Holland. Fastned is constructing 201 fast charchers there, on prime motorway locations, all CSS, CHAdeMO and fast AC (for the Renault Zoé) combined.
Here you can read about them in English:

Why not have the tripple standard chargers that ABB is selling, only ccs is not very clever

They shouldn’t buy anything from overpriced ABB. They should make their own.

This looks interesting but their prepaid pricing (this for their current Chademo chargers, I assume CCS will be similar) is pretty high considering that the consumer price for a kWh is only 0.30€ – 0.35€:

50€: 45 kWh
80€: 100 kWh
140€: 225 kWh

I’ve always wondered: since the CCS top part is AC with a Mennekes plug, can you use the CCS charges if you only have a Mennekes AC port?

The point of CCS is that a car with a single CCS port can plug into either a CCS station or a regular AC station, not that a CCS station can be plugged into either a CCS car or a car with only AC charging. There would be no point anyways since a CCS charge port won’t also cary AC power from the same plug.

Thought so.