ABB: Thousands Of DC Fast Chargers Installed – Video


ABB Terra 53 Z

ABB Terra 53

ABB presents itself as a global EV charging partner in this new video.

Indeed, thousands of installed DC fast chargers does make ABB one of the largest suppliers of charging infrastructure.

ABB’s DC fast chargersĀ are currently in useĀ for various large projects around the world, including nationwide networks in countries like Estonia, Netherlands or Denmark.

Some of the projects aren’t finished yet (Fastned is still expanding its network) and in the U.S., EVgo isn’t covering the whole country, but this presentation gives us a glimpse at the projects that use ABB equipment.

“ABB supports all EV market stages. Your global partner in EV charging.”

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Install more in the USA! Europe seems to be getting most of them.

EV car makers and utilities should be installing these by the thousands.