ABB Donates 30 Fast Chargers To City Of Zurich

JUL 21 2018 BY MARK KANE 9

ABB showed generosity by making a gift of 30 DC fast chargers to Switzerland ‘scapital Zurich, which is also home to the company’s headquarters.

ABB is one of the leading DC fast charging providers with more than 7,000 chargers already up and running around the world.

Currently, the city is in the selection process for suitable locations (in central, publicly accessible locations in the city and in the surrounding area) for the Terra 54 chargers.

Well, we will see whether other manufacturers also will be so generous for their home cities.

ABB fast charger in Zurich

“The gift was accepted on behalf of the people of Zurich by Mayor Corine Mauch and City Councilor Michael Baumer. With this gesture, ABB is helping the city to build a comprehensive charging infrastructure for sustainable, eco-friendly mobility.”

“ABB, formed in 1988 from the merger of Sweden’s ASEA and Switzerland’s BBC, has long had a close relationship with Zurich, which is home to the company’s headquarters. ABB employs 135,000 people in more than 100 countries.”

ABB CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer said:

“We look forward to working together with the city of Zurich – the home and heart of ABB – to shape the future of sustainable mobility. We already have more than 7,000 fast charging stations installed worldwide. As the global market leader in e-mobility, we are extremely pleased to expand this base by 30 stations today, and in doing so to actively support Zurich’s journey to sustainable and eco-friendly mobility. Zurich has always been a pioneer of urban e-mobility. We consider it an honor to be able to further this pioneering spirit with our leading technology solutions.”

Speaking on the occasion, Mayor Mauch of Zurich said:

“I am delighted to accept this gift on behalf of the people of Zurich. It’s a farsighted gift that takes the city of Zurich another step forward in e-mobility.” City Councilor Michael Baumer observed: “E-mobility has a lot of untapped potential for the future of transport in cities like Zurich. We plan to leverage that potential and will support ABB in choosing locations and operators for these charging stations.”

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We also want free fast chargers

The capital of Switzerland is Bern.

Which is in Sweden.


I don’t know why some people keep mixing the two countries.

Ps: OP was right about the capital, it’s not Zurich.

Don‘t forget Swasiland…

At first I had the same thought. But now guess what the name of the capital city of the canton of Zürich is… 😉
Yes, the author should use the word “canton”.


Btw, Zurich is not the capital of Switzerland, but Berne is… 😉

Zurich is today already an anti-car City.
It‘s Switzerland lagest City with about 400‘000 citizens. Capital Bern has around 140‘000 of it…

I saw some chargers which cost $10 for 30min @ 11kWh. 1kWh costs between 0.12 – 0.22 for private Homes.
Let‘s see, how much these free charger will cost, when you will charge a car.

ABB Terra 54 EV chargers (50 kW) have 2 connectors (CCS and CHAdeMO) and are manufactured in Italy.