ABB Will Supply Up To 220 DC Fast Chargers Across Argentina

MAY 27 2017 BY MARK KANE 10

A YPF gas station in Chacarita, Buenos Aires, Argentina (1951) (source: Wikipedia/public domain)

Argentina soon will have its first nationwide network of fast charging stations, as ABB, QEV Argentina, and YPF have come together to start a massive project.

ABB Terra 53 CJG

Up to 220 DC fast chargers to be installed by electro-mobility specialist QEV Argentina. at some 110 YPF (Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales) service stations.

According to the companies, QEV Argentina and YPF ordered three-head ABB Terra 53 CJG units, equipped with CCS Combo, CHAdeMO and AC plugs  – power outputs up to 50 kW.

“The DC fast chargers take between 15-30 minutes for 80-90 percent battery charge, just enough time to drink a coffee. The chargers are compatible with the three main charging standard protocols on the market (CCS, CHadeMo, AC). In addition, through cloud-based technology consumers can locate the nearest charging point and make payment through the credit card application.”

Paolo Pescali, Lead Division manager for ABB’s Electrification Products division in South America, said:

“As a leader in EV charging we are proud to be a part of bringing our technology across Argentina to drive adoption of cleaner mobility. Our charging points are part of the ABB AbilityTM portfolio of digital solutions, where cloud connectivity allows our customers to do more – in this case we can provide a more reliable infrastructure and additional functionality to end consumers.”

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Can you buy an EV in Argentina?

No, but they just eliminated tariffs on standard EVs and slashed tariffs to 5% for luxury EVs from 35% for all automakers that have a manufacturing facility in Argentina.

That means LEAF and Bolt should be coming soon.

VW,Renault, Peugot,Toyota,Honda,Fiat Chrysler,Mercedes, and Ford have plants in Argentina.

The only major EVs that will not be able to be imported duty free or with 5% duty are BMW i3 and Tesla.

It’s not quite as good as that. There is a problem: The tariff expires after only 6,000 cars are sold, which is nothing for the Argentine market of around 700K vehicles.

Still, it’s enough to gain a foothold from which to do advocacy, something that was prohibitive up to this point. Hopefully Renault-Nissan will bite and import some Leafs or Zoe. I doubt Bolts are on the way since GM is production-constrained.

50 kW = waste of money. Wait another year and get useful equipment for roughly the same price.

Or go with 3-phase 43kW charging using the onboard motor inverter as done in the Zoe. Two orders of magnitude cheaper for the same charging speed, not to mention much more reliable.

The triple cable CJG version of the ABB charger is good for that. Provided that they specify that the three-phase capable Type-2 inlet will be the standard for Argentina.

What if ABB us giving them this equipment at a discount because they don’t see a huge market for it in Europe or the US anymore?

So you can charge your 300 mile-capable EV in a similar time scale, you mean?

Great, except hardly anyone does 300 miles in one go (comparatively speaking), so what’s the point in spending all that extra money? On top of which you appear to have forgotten about *supplying* twice the power. Argentina is not the US with its huge power generating capability and a reliable and (relatively) efficient grid infrastructure.

A 50kW network is 100% appropriate – Oh how I wish we had an organisation prepared to do the same (on top of what sterling work Ecotricity has done here in the UK over the last few years but only at half the number of RCs).

That said, Argentina is 5 times the size of the UK so 220 RCs won’t go very far.

Is it possible for fast charging for LESV like tourist cars, freight cars?


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Plug Share currently show no chargers in Argentina, so this has to be a good move.