AAA Colorado Offers L2 Roadside Charging

JUN 21 2015 BY TDILLARD 15

AAA Colorado has announced its “Electric Vehicle Mobile Charging Unit”, with Level 2 charging:

The electric vehicle charging truck can charge all current EVs at Level II (240 volts @ 30 amps) as well as provide an 80 amps charge – the first mobile unit in the nation capable of doing so. AAA will provide members with discharged electric vehicles a quick charge in as little as 15 minutes, which will allow the vehicle to be driven up to 10 miles (depending on the vehicle).

AAA Colorado has recently added a Level II electric charging station at the Denver retail store located at 4100 E. Arkansas Ave. The charging station will be available to AAA members and the public at no cost. Plans are to install charging stations at additional AAA Colorado retail stores as member interest in the program increases.

Read the full story here: EV Range Anxiety? Introducing Roadside Charging.  If you want to get rid of that pesky popup, use a Colorado Zip Code, like, oh, maybe 80123.  You’re welcome.

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Hmm..does it use a battery or a dirty generator?

While this is good,I talked to a AAA charge truck operator in Cali and he said it’s just for show, that he even didn’t care.

Better World Auto is far better..instead of lobbying for cheap oil like AAA, they offer EV discounts, even on insurance..and will tow you and your bicycle!

The power for the generator come from a transfer case driven by the trucks engine. Before you get too hung up on emissions, the emergency (rescue) service is for a 15 min charging session. … Compare this to the average round-trip driving time for the truck to reach a dispatched location, and that 98%+ of calls are to boost a 12 volt battery. (ICE, not always EVs)

AAA has offered this service since July/Aug of 2011. The first four regions (CA, OR, TX, & WA) have trucks with a 20 kW CHAdeMO, or J1772 connector (6 kW max).

The 20 kW Level 2 offering will make Model S, RAV4, B-Class and other EVs with 10+ kW chargers very happy. Less happy will be Smart-ED, Focus-EV, and some LEAF drivers with only 3.3 kW charging since sessions are time based (15 min), not by kWh, or distance needed to safely get to a more sustainable charging location.

What I notice on this website is a lot of people are complaining about emissions from these generators or quick chargers. But the reality is my biggest fear is getting stuck on the side of the road and humiliated that I can out of range on the side of the road. I would much rather drive along a interstate with 790 quick chargers all hooked up to a 1920’s coal plant then get stuck on the side of the road along a route that has ten thousand wind turbines or miles and miles of solar farms along the freeway but with no quick chargers.

Always thought that making a portable Tesla SuperCharger, that could travel out to remote locations, might be a great idea. Put it in a modded X, until Y is ready.

Hmmm.. This would make sense with chademo. I’m not sure about L2. how long are they going to sit at the roadside with you?

My thought as well. DCQC would be very useful, L2 a lot less useful, but still handy for cars which don’t have DCQC.

Why not just tow if you don’t have quick charging ability? Then you don’t have to wait on the side of the road much.

Towing isn’t a bad idea, if, you can get your car to regen while you’re being towed!

When not getting towed… at least charging goes at the top speed it can, since you are guaranteed to have a flat battery.

Why not a VIA truck which has an onboard generator & quite a significant battery instead?

Sure, you’ll have to adapt but a welcome addition would be a dual standard CHAdeMO & CCS combo DC fast charger + AC L2 EVSE if parked long enough =)

Plus one…

Hmm, a truck with a big bunch of batteries onboard…

Tesla PowerHaul?

AAA batteries!


AAA is trying to remain relevant..good for them.

AAA is building quick chargers at a lot of their offices which are in shopping malls which is fairly good.