A Seriously Burned Out Nissan LEAF

AUG 12 2012 BY STAFF 3

2012 Nissan LEAF That Has Seen Better Days (click to enlarge)

Most everyone has to have a look at an accident on the side of the road as they pass by.  For some of us, crumpled up and damaged electric cars are our guilty pleasure, we even have a ‘Crashed EVs‘ sub category that we squirrel them away in for readers to scratch that itch occasionally.

However, given some of the recent media utopia over any connection that the fact a car is electric, and that also being the reason for the fire itself, we feel we should state:

  • this Nissan LEAF did not spontaneously catch fire as the hapless owner drove down the road,
  • it didn’t randomly catch fire parked in a driveway or at an Applebee’s
  • the NHSTA did not crumple it up into a little ball, poke holes in the battery, and then abandon it for several weeks before this happened either

This is strictly associated burn damage from a fire in Colorado.  If there is any takeaway from this fire, it is that the battery pack did NOT catch fire, and remarkably remains structurally intact, tucked beneath the car.


According To Auction Notes, This Car Was Sold "As Is"

Also for reference:  Shots of the Chevrolet Volt NHSTA fire incident, of which no fault, at all, was found with the GM product in question, from June 4th or 5th, 2011.

NHSTA Volt Fire (click to enlarge)

2011 Chevrolet Volt Pack Removed From Test Vehicle


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I’m totally flummoxed (look it up). Why would anybody other than Fox “News” or Rush Limbaugh get “pleasure” out of crumpled and burnt out electric cars?

Was not our intention for anything to be taken too seriously on this one. We love plug-in electric cars (obviously), we follow them, live them 24-7.

Is there a source like a newspaper article or something else to refer to?