An In-Depth Look At The 2018 Chevy Volt From A New EV Owner


And why he chose the popular plug-in hybrid over the Tesla Model 3.

Taking home your first electric vehicle is truly an exciting experience for new owners. After a driver goes day after day without using a drop of gasoline… they tend to become euphoric. You can see that ‘first EV’ excitement come through in this video by Youtube creator Jeremy Judkins.

On his channel, Judkins discusses a variety of tech topics and the Chevy Volt is his first ever plug-in vehicle. Because of this background, his overview of the Volt goes relatively deep into the features of the Volt and even the myChevrolet application.

Using the myChevrolet app

Judkins had also been considering the Tesla Model 3 but decided to go with the Volt for a number of reasons. Primarily, his daily drive means he will rarely, if ever, need the ICE engine. As he states in his review: “I am never going to pay for gas to drive to work again. In my life.” The upcoming phasing out of tax credits for Tesla/GM and the current lack of the base Model 3 also factored into his decision.

So if you’re leaning toward a Volt the video is definitely worth a watch. Although for prospective buyers, waiting on the 2019 Volt would be worth it. Several major improvements are on the way.

Interior of Chevy Volt

Ultimately it doesn’t even matter what a person’s first plug-in might be. Whether they take home a Tesla Model 3, Chevy Bolt/Volt, Prius Prime or Nissan Leaf, a first time owner is likely to be amazed at their new car.

Video Description via Jeremy Judkins on YouTube:

This is a big deal for me… I’ve thought about it long and hard. As much as I hate to see all the cool kids buying Tesla Model 3, Model S, Model X, etc, I am extremely happy with my 2018 Chevy Volt Purchase ! Watch to see why!

In this video I go over my favorite features of the fully loaded Chevy Volt Premier with driver confidence II package. This car has a ton of tech and features, and doesn’t make me regret my decision vs the Tesla.

It doesn’t drive itself, but it does have adaptive cruise control, it has lane departure warning, blind spot assist, back up camera, etc. Its the perfect car for a Tech Youtuber like myself! I can’t thank you all enough for supporting my channel throughout the years. I could not have bought this car without you all!


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Just to be clear, he said, “I will never pay for gas to drive to work again,” which is a reasonable goal. As many here know, a Volt will automatically consume at least one tank of gas per year in order to prevent the gasoline from degrading.

Thanks! Changed.

Or just keep your tank half full and you’ll use even less gas a year, right? 🙂

It will consume whatever gas is one year old in the tank, to prevent it from degrading. So if you never use gas, I would expect one would only keep a couple gallons in it instead of a full tank. If you keep 2 gallons in the tank, then in a year it will consume 2 gallons of gas (as opposed to “at least a full tank”). In reality, the majority of people will use a couple gallons in their tank within a year, to go on a long trip, etc. A vehicle like the Volt can be the best of both worlds for many, a great “gateway drug” to full BEVs like the Bolt EV, Leaf, Model 3, etc. when they’ve got even more range or a lower price point for those that can’t make the switch now. is a great site that shows how much gas people can save with a Volt. The initial model year Chevy Volt fleet put on more electric miles per vehicle sold than the initial model year Nissan Leaf fleet, despite the Leaf having twice the all-electric range. That speaks well to how a Volt-like concept can reduce lots of gasoline use… Read more »
(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

That makes it NOT AN EV.

Haters gonna hate.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake

Yes, Volt will rotate the gas, thats why most Volt owners keep the tank below half at all times, unless they are on a road trip.

Usually in the northland I like to keep my tank topped up. It helps to prevent gas line freeze. Also throw a can of heat in there. This is during the Winter of course. Still you will use a miniscule amount of gas if that is your wish. It’s a logical choice depending on your situation. I considered a Volt for a time, but don’t drive enough to warrant it.
Waiting for the Tesla runabout maybe 2022.

Just to be clear. Are you worried about a tank of gas per year? Do you have any idea how much dirty energy normal people use per year? Probably you included. Or do you grow your own potatoes? Have your own rabbits? Make your very own solar panels? And don’t forget them batteries. Only eat lettuce and other green stuff, that you grow, with water that runs naturally from a spring. Don’t watch TV? Or use the internet? Come on.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

……somebody got butthurt.

Your comments are usually better than this.. A person who owns a VOLT and drives this way, using 2 gallons of gasoline per year, AND owns an electric lawn mower, will use less gasoline than a LEAF owner with the typical Gasoline Lawnmower.

It would actually be cleaner to burn the gas in the Volt and use an electric lawn mower, than to own a Leaf and burn the same amount of gas in a gas lawn mower. Gas lawn mowers are just that much more inefficient and dirty, and the Volt will use that electricity it generates with the ICE to actually drive you down the road. It isn’t like the gas is entirely wasted.

*hint for EV enthusiasts to get an electric lawn mower*

If someone never ever uses the combustion engine, why would they even get a Volt, instead of just some low-range BEV?…

Never say never. Unexpected plans cause 200 mile drives out of the blue. And before someone says just ‘rent a gasoline jeep’ if you have something unexpected, in BUFFALO, NY during June a Jeep Wrangler was $130/day plus fees.

It doesn’t take too many unscheduled trips to be money ahead with the VOLT, or other phev’s.

Owning a Volt has convinced me that I really could do away with gas altogether. If I were shopping for a new car now, it would be a pure BEV. The Volt is a great transition vehicle where I learned what potential hurdles I may encounter in a BEV without the consequences.

Also, used Volts are CHEAP! I’m a college student, and there’s no way I’d ever purchase a new car. A Volt that’s a few years old and plummeted in value can still consistently maintain my commute without gas. Everyone else on campus who drives electric is like me; we pick over the used ones that have already depreciated and reap all the benefits!

Too bad the new Volt not being available here in Europe, it would have had a great success I guess.

The mytery seems to be why some high-level GM execs want to see this car fail. Yes, a Euro version would have been a certain success. Nearly every Volt owner loves their vehicle. I’m on my second one. Upper level GM execs refused to allocate the marketing funds necessary to initially launch or promote the vehicle. Stock holders should sue for malfeasance.

As an owner of a 2011 Volt, 2017 BoltEV and 310 mile Model 3, I can say my favorite is the Model 3 and highly recommend it.

Volt#671 + BoltEV + Model 3

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

OK, that is the worst, poorest ~EVER~ photoshop job of placing the Red TM3 in the background I have ever Seen……….ROTFLMAO

Potatoes gonna potate.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I say Po-TahTo.

Let’s call the whole thing off.

Common sense rules the day!

Clearly you are new to the internet… specifically Youtube. XD I’ve seen so much worse! (sadly)

Bad photoshopping and half finished visuals from After Effects and Premiere are the norm not the exception. Just roll with it. 😉

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

That was the best laugh for my day bruh…….Thanks!!!


Could you e-mail your e-mail to me, or a link. I want to send you something. Thanks.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Uh oh, here we go……..

I handle communications for IEV, so all emails sent to the above site email come directly to my inbox. Thanks!

Cheesy , Cheap Shot …..

Volt is a fantastic, no compromise entry EV… It was my first…

It was my wifes first!

My Spark EV convinced her that EVs were the way to go. But if she got another 90 mile range EV we would have needed to keep her horrible jeep liberty around for regular trips to visit her family and camping trips. The Volt was the best solution at the time.

Now there are several reasonably priced long range BEVs and decent PHEVs on the market. Good time for new owners! Many more options than we had just 4 years ago.

One of the most under-rated cars you can buy.

He had like 130 miles on the car…not much to be able give a review.

No kidding, that’s one day for me.

Or he only drives 15-20 miles a day like I do now with my volt. My previous commuting miles were 54-64 miles a day. Didn’t need to change vehicles stayed with the same and if I get a job further away, I can still drive my baby without worrying about range

Congratulations on your new Volt! Suggestion: Sign up for a GM Card (credit card) and earn 5% cash back on your purchases – plus, GM adds bonus dollars each January (they top you off at $1000, $2000 or $3000). When you are ready for your next GM product, you will have your $$$ points saved – which can be used with any other GM incentives. It’s quite a good deal. Also sign up your vehicle at

Why would anyone want to stare at this guy’s mug for 15 minutes and the car itself for less than 5?

Recently I bought a used Nissan Leaf and during shopping I found many Volts with 100,000 miles while Leafs had 50,000 or less.

Those who had 30 – 60 mile commutes drove Volt in motor with the 1st 35 miles and if there is charger in their office parking lot, charged it to drive another 35 miles in motor. Besides they used motor in the 1st 35 miles even during the long drives. So overall Volt could have driven more miles with motor than Leaf.

With the 2nd generation, things could be different since Volt has only 53 miles while Leaf has 150 miles and many long distance trips could have been covered with Leaf. And soon there will be a longer range 220 mile Leaf which will push this EV into higher range. So Nissan is upping the game.

Resembles the 0ld Generation Honda Civic . The Old Volt looked Beefier,
Much Nicer.

Sad fact: ” When I drove it home from the dealer, it wasn’t fully charged”…

Well, that sums up the entire attitude of how typical Chevy dealers treat their most award winning product.

Criswell keeps their Volts with around 3-5 miles in the pack so that when you go on a test drive, you will be able to see it operate in both charge depleting mode and charge sustaining mode. I noticed it switch over when I was trying out my Volt and the sales guy was mildly disappointed. He said that most of the people have the radio on and are talking and therefore didn’t notice the switch over to genset, which he used as a sales technique by showing how quiet it is. So there is a reason, possibly, for not having the Volt packs fully topped off.
But I still regretted the genset coming on as I drove it home.

Not buying the that, i say it’s pure laziness and ignorance. How stupid do you have to be to not realize that someone walking in and looking to drive that car is there to test drive AN ELECTRIC CAR?

The “stupid” reference was for the dealer not for you, Ziv….just to be clear.

Volt has hold mode. Sounds like a lame excuse IMO.

No kidding! One day i got bored and decided to go test the new prius. The dealer had about 20 in stock. I got into one wanting to test drive it and the battery was empty. I told the sales guy I’m not interested in seeing how it drives on gas but want to see the electric side. He said all were empty because they are “flying off the parking lot and we don’t have time to charge them”. Of course I walked out and never returned.

Welcome the the rEVolution.

C’mon GM, here is the suv we have been waiting for all these years

SO good to hear a buyer actually analyzing their actual own driving needs when they make their car buying decision!! This means way more than folks opinions on the internet.

Volt is a gateway drug. Leads to owning full EVs.

It also makes a perfect match for a 2+ car household that would otherwise have one ICE car for long trips and one EV for commuting.

That way they can have one PHEV and one pure EV, instead of one ICE and one EV. They go very well together.

This article is outdated because it doesn’t mention the Honda Clarity which is a much bigger and more comfortable PHEV with the same range for the same price

I bought a Chevvy Volt 2018 and I parked it in the garage, did not drive it, at all, waiting for CA red energy stickers to arrive. Sadly, we had a close family member die of cancer and another family member diagnosed with breast cancer so I have not driven it in five months. Now I can’t remember anything that the salesman taught me about how to drive the car. I will be 69 years old in November, so I am looking for a good video tutorial service on how to operate the car and tricks with the car. I don’t know where/now to gook up to the On Star system and/or how to find charging stations. I am still working, Downtown, CA, trying to finding charging stations.