A Look Back At Quarterly Tesla Model S Sales in California in 2013


Quarterly Model S Sales in California in 2013

Quarterly Model S Sales in California in 2013

With 2013 officially in the books, here’s a glimpse at Tesla Model S sales in California by the quarter.

Model S

Model S

As the numbers show, Tesla transitioned to selling a significant percentage of vehicles oversea beginning in Q3 of 2013, hence what appears to be a slippage in California Model S sales.

The * beside the 8,330 is there because Auto Outlook was off by a few units.  The adjusted (actual) figure is 8,347 for Model S sales in California in 2013.

It’ll be interesting to see where Model S sales stabilize in California for 2014.  ~1,800 seems on the high side to us.  What’s your estimate for quarterly Model S sales in CA this year?

Source: Silicon Beat


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If you plot the numbers, then there is a decline in the sales from Qtr to Qtr…


What a great sales model. Very little waste. You sell almost every vehicle you make, as sometimes people will renege on a contract. I wonder how many do tha?. Probably very few.
They have all the sales they can handle.


There was pent up demand still being satisfied in the first two quarters of 2013. I do expect 2014 CA quarters to average 1700-1800.


Q1 should be 1680 due to routing to other countries and states. Even Canada too 🙂


If I read correctly, the incentives overseas dried up, not certain about Q1 due to unfilled orders internationally, but Q2 my guess is 1800+.


I just read on TMC that Hong Kong just got three years of sales tax zeroed out for EVs there. So that is a wealthy area for selling. Somewhat small but EV friendly.