A Longer Look At The BMW i3 REx – Fully Charged (video)


BMW i3 REx | Fully Charged

BMW i3 REx | Fully Charged

Latest episode of Fully Charged features the BMW i3 with the original REx option(range extender in form of 650 cc gasoline engine).

The i3 REx version was significantly more popular in UK compared to non-REx, although as Robert Llewellyn notices, many drivers never or very rarely uses REx, which is only 25 kW backup (with 9 litre fuel tank).

Beside that REx main function is to extend range from around 72 miles to 150 miles, there is also possibility to run engine to hold state of charge for later use in places like congested city center.

Of note: The 2017 BMW (from July in the UK, Fall in US) now offers a battery upgrade (from 22 kWh to 33 kWH), which sees the i3’s usable range increased to 114 miles.  US pricing for the ‘bonus miles’ optioned i3 has not yet been announced, but pricing is set at £1350 ($1,975 USD) in the UK.

“A longer look at the very popular BMW i3 REx, an electric car with a petrol motorcycle engine stuffed in the back to extend the range.  Thankfully some accurate maths supplied by the Fully Charged maths advisor.”

BMW i3 & BMW i3 REx registrations in UK (cumulative)

BMW i3 & BMW i3 REx registrations in UK (cumulative)

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I knew the ReX was going to be underpowered when I ran the numbers . . . but I think that is fine. You can work around that by charging up and using mountain mode. And you should rarely experience its weakness since you should be driving on batteries 90% of the time.

The problems are the ridiculously small gas tank and the lack of a mountain mode for the US version (which can be fixed by hacking it).

(Of course the other problem is the . . . uh . . polarizing design.)

The gas tank is inconveniently small for long trips, but those are rare. It’s also pushing the i3 outside of its comfort zone.

It’s ugly, but it’s an ugly that some people like. Consider the Pug dog, which the i3 somewhat resembles. Ugly, but many people love them.

Some of us prioritize utility, efficiency, novel light-weight construction, etc., over appearance. Having owned a Porsche 914-6, VW bus, original Honda Insight, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, and i3 BEV, I obviously don’t prioritize appearance 🙂 As a result, I’ve owned some very interesting vehicles that others would have rejected based on their appearance. Each to her own.

Pre-1968 VW bus is THE cutest, prettiest van ever made. It ranks right up there as cutest car ever made in the universe. Just like many pretty girls, it has hot temper in that it sometimes becomes smoldering mess after frequent car fire.

well said alohart and I was With ya until the Insight, lol.
That’s a fun conversation you can have in Another 20 years (I won’t be here) to see if it survives the rigors that the micro and the ‘that’s-not-a-porche’ did (appreciated Both at Release, as well).
I think the i3 -might- survive, but it is the definition of polarizing.. think Beetle, haha

I might consider the new Protonic Blue color when it comes out. Looks different enough that is helps makes up for the shape of the car, lol. Will have to see it in real life though.

Never thought I’d see BMW resembling a Citroen – polarizing indeed.

The i3REx *is NOT* an EV!

It is a hybrid.

How do you know? IT’S GOT AN EXHAUST PIPE! (Jeesh!)

I’m pretty sure I (and others) missed the validity of your point, Martin, as BEV-with-a-backup (seldom used) can’t quite equate to the antichrist that You So Very Clearly see.
I imagine your face as someone sucking lemons instead of appreciating the (effortless) lemonade?