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Volkswagen Dieselgate Settlement Includes $2 Billion Investment Towards Electric Cars

Volkswagen/Audi this week announced a settlement agreement with U.S. federal regulators, private plaintiffs and 44 U.S. states on Dieselgate, involving TDI diesel engine cars. The costs for the company on the buybacks and lease terminations, emissions modifications (if approved) and cash payments to affected customers for approximately 475,000 eligible 2.0L TDI comes to $10.033…

1 year ago by Mark Kane 20

Volkswagen To Offer $5,000, Buy Back Cars To Settle Dieselgate

The emission scandal that convinced the world’s largest advocate of “clean diesel” to abandon ship and embrace plug-in technology appears to be reaching a settlement in the United States. As reported by Germany’s Die Welt newspaper today, besides having to fix or buyback affected cars, a deal tentatively reached with the US authorities…

2 years ago by Jay Cole 68