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1991 BMW E1: The Concept We Almost Forgot – video

The BMW i3 of the early 1990s had a more than decent range of 124 miles*. Name: BMW E1 Debuted: 1991 Specs: Fully electric, 124 miles (200 kilometers) range, 75 mph (120 kph) top speed, aluminum and plastic body, four seats.  (A note on range, this 124 miles wasn’t the EPA/real world rating…

33 mins ago by Adrian Padeanu 2

Tesla Model 3

Dual-Motor Tesla Model 3 VINs Now Being Registered

    The dual-motor, all-wheel drive Tesla Model 3 is now forthcoming, and potentially sooner than expected. As we previously reported, Tesla just updated its online Model 3 configurator to include the base model and dual motor model, along with specified arrival expectations. The base model (single-motor, ~50 kWh battery…

2 hours ago by Steven Loveday 8

Number Of CCS Combo DC Fast Chargers In Europe Hits 4,000

Europe begins the year 2018 with some 4,000 CCS Combo DC fast chargers – around 3,800 were installed in three and a half years, since its mid-2014 introduction. New installations are acceleratingm as in 2017 1,250 new chargers were installed, which means infrastructure expansion of more than 45% year-over-year. The growth and…

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Tesla Powerbank Phone Charger Teardown Video

It turns out that the Tesla Powerbank (phone charger) is quite well-built. Not long ago, we shared Tesla’s new Powerbank, as well as its Desktop Supercharger. Both are “available” on the automaker’s website for $45.00 each, although they were sold out at the time of this writing. How can we…

5 hours ago by Steven Loveday 3

Electric Porsche 911 Not Coming For At Least A Decade

The next generation is being developed to accommodate a plug-in hybrid setup, but it might not be launched. Porsche is currently hard at work preparing its first-ever fully electric car scheduled to be launched around the end of the decade. The company has embraced electrification for quite some time by…

21 hours ago by Adrian Padeanu 29

Shenzhen Now Home To 16,000 Electric Buses

Shenzhen, in China, provides an example for the world on how to electrify an entire public transit bus fleet, and most of its taxis. Currently, all the buses in the city are of the all-electric varety. We are talking about a whopping 16,359 vehicles! In the coming years, all the…

24 hours ago by Mark Kane 12