93 Percent of Owners Satisfied with Nissan LEAF; 90 Percent Drive LEAF Daily

APR 16 2013 BY STAFF 2

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn Chillin' in Half a LEAF

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn Chillin’ in Half a LEAF

On Monday, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn presented himself before the media in Oslo, Norway to hype the soon-to-launch, updated 2013 Euro-spec LEAF.

Mandatory CEO with Vehicle Image

Mandatory CEO with Vehicle Image

Ghosn spoke of the automaker’s electric vehicle dominance in Norway (Europe’s electric vehicle capital, according to Nissan) and highlighted the changes the set the updated LEAF apart from previous versions.

The CEO spoke too of sales, stating:

“The momentum is building around electric cars.”

There he’s referring to the LEAF setting a sales record in the US in March at 2,236 units and of European LEAF sales surging to over 1,300 units in March.

Finally, Ghosn spoke of owner satisfaction.  We assume his words come from Nissan’s own finding, as no source information was provided, but here are a few bulleted points of what Ghosn stated.

  • More than 90 percent of LEAF owners drive their LEAF daily
  • 93 percent of European LEAF buyers come from other brands (or, in industry speak, conquest sales)
  • 93 percent of Nissan LEAF owners are very satisfied or completely satisfied with their electric hatchback

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3 for 3.

I leased a Leaf in March, drive it daily, and my wife and I both absolutely love it.

I’m convinced that the Leaf S trim level will be the vehicle that finally gets large numbers of people in the US consider and then buy or lease an EV as their second (or third or …) family vehicle. The Leaf S will also show the rest of the industry that what people want is not necessarily an EV tarted up with every bell, whistle, and party hat imaginable. My Leaf doesn’t have a trip computer or the silly animated graphics that tell me (gasp!) that the electrons from the battery are making the wheels turn. It has a nice set of features, it drives beautifully, it’s clean, so quiet I almost never turn on the radio, and laughing like a maniac as I drive past gas stations still hasn’t lost its entertainment value.