916 Nissan LEAFs Sold In Japan In November, 614 More Needed To Match Annual Record

DEC 28 2016 BY MARK KANE 7

The Nissan LEAF noted a decent 916 sales in Japan last month, which really isn’t bad considering lack of new generation version.

Nissan LEAF in Japan

Nissan LEAF in Japan

Moreover, the total of 13,563 new sales so far this year is just 614 less than in the EV’s record year of 2014 (when 14,177 sold) with still one month to go.

In other words, thanks to the introduction of the upgraded 30 kWh version of the LEAF (and Japan being relatively small when it comes to average distance driving needs), Nissan’s EV will probably manage to set new sales record for the country this year.

Overall, 71,262 LEAFs have been sold in Japan since December 2010.

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Good, but still a drop in the bucket, and after the car has been on the market for over 6 years now, with only a small increase in range, and a small drop in price.

At this rate, it will take forever for EV’s to become mainstream.

Japanese cars usually have 7 year model cycles. And since the Nissan will have sold about 50k Leafs in 2016, there really was no rush in introducing a ew model sooner.

As long as they bring out a new Leaf within the next year, or so, they have done everything right.

I obviously meant new model, lets hope it won’t be a eww model again…

Almost makes you hope OPEC sticks to its cutbacks and drives the price of oil up.

What ever they did in January and Febuary 2016 was enough to move a lot of Leaves. It wore off quickly, and now it looks as though they better launch a 2018 Leaf 2.0 or else!

It was filling the demand/back-log for 30 kWh LEAFs.

If you look at the chart specific to 2015, there was nada for sales/inventory in Nov 2015 waiting on the 30 kWh cars, then it took off in the 2nd half of December 2015 and carried through until early March until Nissan caught up.

Come on insideevs, tell us something about next week CES Nissan news 🙂 ?