900 HP Tesla Model S P85D Under Development


Tesla Model S With Larte Design's Elizabeta Body Kit

Tesla Model S With Larte Design’s Elizabeta Body Kit

LARTE Design, creators of the body kit seen here for the Tesla Model S, now claims to be in the development stage of a high-power Model S P85D, a “mighty 900 HP,” in fact.

LARTE claims that the bump in power does not negatively impact range.

There is precisely zero information on the modifications done to the P85D that allow it put out 900 HP, but there is a rather odd press release from LARTE on the “white heat” Model S:

From red alert to white heat!

LARTE has Tesla Model S Elizabeta 900 hp uprating in the pipeline

When an iron is forged, it will first become red-hot and then white! Shortly after the red-painted TESLA Model S Elizabeta’s debut in Monaco, LARTE Design is also again forging out plans for this electrically powered super car: in its branch in California, an extremely hot white variant is being designed that will show a mighty 900hp, up from 700. And what is best about it is that notwithstanding its 29 percent better performance it is not to show any higher energy consumption and thus has the same reach as the production car.

Just like the premiered model, this “stronger” Elizabeta will feature extremely lightweight front (5,8kg) and rear bumpers (4,3kg) of basalt fibers, which is far less than the original parts. Even when you add the additional LARTE design facings all round, the complete LARTE bodywork only weighs 13kg altogether: these carbon elements on front bumper, wheel arches, side skirts, trunk lid and the rear diffuser insert complete the package.

Since electric cars are almost silent, LARTE Design also offers an unusual sound module to acoustically replicate the car’s enormous acceleration. The kicker is that some default burs aside, the user can store individual compositions and sound files! “Thus, our car does not only have a perfect technical equipment but is also very emotional,” says LARTE CEO Alexey Yanovskiy. And the much revised interior does only add to the visual, acoustic and haptic impression the car leaves.

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Seems pretty easy actually, just modify a version of the rear motor (470 hp) to fit at the front as well (along with major software modifications, of course). OTOH, there is NO WAY to have the same actual range using two large motors as with the smaller standard front motor operating solely at most highway speed circumstances.

Now, your challenge of the reported range is based only upon an assumption of a modified rear engine being fitted to the front.

But we don’t know yet just how they’ll arrive with that power. Could be exactly how Tesla did it with Ludicrous mode – cooling fuses, etc.

Tesla pay attention to the Model 3.

High-priced sales of these acceleration monsters are what pays for the development of the Model 3.

& More Range??? Ha Dey Do Dat?

If you read the article you would realize that LARTE not Tesla is working on this.

Apparently that “SMALL” detail escaped most as seen by the comments thus far lol!!

And coming back here, everyone is STILL missing that even after all these postings later. Almost the entire commentary here is attributing this to Tesla, vs its actual producer.

Indeed Tesla is paying attention for Model 3. As Model 3 is smaller and lighter car than S and X, it will be super cool to drive with 900 hp.

I can’t blame Tesla. They’ve learned that their outrageous acceleration gets them massive amounts of free advertising. Zillions of youtube videos of smiling kids, cellphones pinned to the seat during launch, screaming/laughing adults, drag races, etc.

And there are rich people that will pay whatever they high price they charge for the fastest version.

But this has nothing to do with Tesla. Instead, this is a Larte creation, a custom tuner with no affiliation whatsoeve with Tesla.

What’s with these wimpy HP numbers? Doesn’t get interesting until you hit 1 MW!

No, it really gets interesting at 1.21 Gigawatts!

Great Scott!!!

Flux capacitor is active.

[Start Rant] What a silly waste of time and engineering effort. So the current Performance model isn’t wasting tires fast enough… let’s jack it up more… whatever. The acceleration sound thing is just friggin stupid. Maybe the giant sucking sound of rich morons paying the stupid tax to buy such a useless contraption to shuttle groceries in. [End Rant] Yes… should really appeal to the Hummer poser crowd!

This would seem to be a logical upgrade for Tesla to release after Model 3 is out, and the S needs “refreshed” again in 17/18.

What happened to the C rating limitation of the batteries. I thought they were 3C batteries and that that was pushing it.


You answered your own question—NO. If the P85D can punch out 690 HP that would require 514 KW or 6C discharge rate.
Where did you come up with the 3C number? 6C may be acceptable for a short period of time.

They better drop some 10kWh Powerwalls in the frunk and you got a 100kWh with 400 Mile range!

That is what we wanna see, not a 900HP Toy from Larte, that completely distroyed the aerodynamics of that beautiful car.

The weight of the powerwalls would offset this amount. Would you pay $3000 more to have less cargo space, cost more to drive (less efficient when heavier), take longer to charge (since it’s less efficient, the same amount of charge time equates to less driving distance). etc.

I think they’ve found the balance as far as current technology is concerned.

“LARTE claims that the bump in power does not negatively impact range.”

Since LARTE has apparently invented perpetual motion, the car will never need to be charged. 😉

It’s likely they mean regular freeway driving, not drag racing range. It’s not that surprising that a bump in power shouldn’t affect range much at all when you’re not taking advantage of it.

If this is a software-only upgrade, and not a hardware upgrade, I wouldn’t expect the EPA range ratings to change.

There are not “WOT” runs in the EPA test. They never floor the accelerator. The math becomes simple. As long as it still takes X amount of electricity to run this car at any specific speed at part throttle, it will continue to get the exact same test results no matter what additional power is available at full throttle.

The only folks who will see less range are folks who actually put the pedal to the floor and actually use that additional power.

This isn’t like old 1970’s muscle cars, where making more power was done by increasing displacement, where the displacement hurt MPG even at part throttle.

If this car produces more power at part throttle, the EPA test would just be done with less throttle input.

I guess the article should have plainly stated the subject is the LARTE aftermarket modification of the Model S. Clearly a lot of readers didn’t pick up on that. EPA tests don’t enter into it at all.

it is more fun to specualate genuine 900 hp Tesla Model S or Model 3.

Of course the information content of this story was zero, but at least it was fun, because this underlines that there are no real upper limit for the power of electric cars. If the cell cooling power is sufficient, there really is no clear upper limit how much power it is possible to draw from lithium ion batteries. And the kilowatts for electric motors are also very cheap.

And only last 8 mins…

Men and their toys, as they say.

Don’t really see much point in this other than to have the latest bragging rights.

With a ‘murmuring gearbox’ at lower power levels, why would you want to goose the gearbox to even more extreme trauma and make it die a pre-premature death?

Its rather like the EV Tuner who is taking VW Beetles and putting in electric motors with TWICE the horsepower of the original engine, whilst still using the original clutch and gearbox.

SO what is the point of putting in cutesy LED’s in the headlights and dual tailpipes, meanwhile you can’t go anywhere since the bearings in what used to be a perfectly fine transmission is now seized due to intentional ill-advised abuse?

It’s electric, there is no gearbox.

The ‘gearbox’ is the reduction drive, John. A small gear driving a larger gear to reduce the output RPM to a useable range.

I think the most important thing about a Tesla is the range. I say that because I mentioned how I would love to buy even a used Tesla and he shocked me. One of the owners of a company he does work for, she purchased a new Tesla and complained to him that the car seemed to always need charging. She drives about fifty miles to get to work and he told me that she was always afraid to go anywhere. IShe charges the car at work as soon as she gets to work. I showed him the article about driving from L.A. To N.Y. And he was not impressed. I wish I had more details, model of car would help. Is it possible that something could be wrong with her car?

Shocks me too, Edgar. I know of no other electric car that uses more electricity in normal use than a Model S.

I’m not sure if they’ve changed it, but in very cold weather, the ‘quiescent’ drain (i.e., the juice the thing uses just sitting there ostensibly doing nothing) used to be 1840 watts.

Since a 120 volt cord is around 1400 watts tops at 12 amps, if you try to plug your car in the outlet next to your house in very cold weather the thing will STILL LOSE CHARGE, just at a slower rate.

Of course, all Tesla chargers to date are 30% less efficient at 120 than 240, and I can only guess why… I have heard no official explanation for it, I just accept it. My VOlt charges equally efficiently at any charging rate.