90-Second Tour Of Tesla’s Fremont Factory – Video


NOV 6 2015 BY MARK KANE 16

Tesla Factory

Tesla Factory

Tesla released a cool 90-second video presenting its Fremont production site in California, which doesn’t remind us of any ordinary car factory.

The Former NUMMI plant, large enough to handle 500,000 cars annually, was acquired and transformed into the Tesla Factory several years ago.

Tesla launched production of Model S in 2012 and recently expanded its production capabilities to include the Model X.

The video shows different stages of production up to test drives.

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Nice little commercial.

Wow, now that is how to film, and edit, a “how it’s made” video!

Too bad there are no production credits; somebody deserves a huge heap o’ praise!


“. . . which doesn’t remind us of any ordinary car factory.”

How is the Fremont factory different from any ordinary car factory? What am I missing? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Cleanliness? I’m still not seeing it. Just for comparison I googled “inside car factory” and came up with this video of a Toyota car factory in Canada. It looks just as clean to me as the Tesla plant, and many of the Toyota workers are wearing hair nets even though they’re not working in the factory cafeteria.

I’ve been in a few old car factories, dirty, dingy, smelly. Everything smells oily. Also there is a sort of a burning electrical smell, of course maybe that smell is there in ev factories too.

They wear the hairnets during the painting process. If you have ever painted you know what a single hair can do to ruin a paint job.
Though to your point most modern car factories
are pretty clean.

Cleanliness, yes. Bright white interior spaces. More robots. Cars test driven inside the facility because they don’t pump out toxic gasses…

I toured the Bremen Germany Mercedes Benz factory that made the C class and E class cars. It was very similar. Lots of robots and such and not a lot of people. When they went to run the cars inside the factory they would put them in an area that had a large vent in the floor below the exhaust. It had full tractor/trailers driving inside with parts at one end and cars rolling out the other.

Funny, I always wanted to see NUMMI in person and finally got to see it reborn as Tesla!

Not much different. The numi plant was very modern, and had lots of welding robots like the ones you see in the video.

Tesla bought the plant for a VERY low price.

All the robots make me think of the “factory of the future” joke about the only two employees being a security guard and a dog. In case you have t heard it, The guard makes sure nobody messes with the factory and the dog is there to bite the guard if he touches anything.

That is the airline cockpit of the future, also. Pilot to appease passengers that a “pilot” is up there, and a dog to bite his/her hand if they try to touch anything.

I heard it that the dog was there to make sure the man didn’t touch anything and the man was there to feed the dog.

Nicely Done. 🙂