9-Year-Old Girl Reviews Tesla Model X P90DL – Video


While she can’t yet drive the Model X, the review itself is still solid in presenting the details in an exciting fashion, though perhaps it’s a bit too Tesla fangirl-ish.

9-Year-Old Girl Reviews Tesla Model X

9-Year-Old Girl Reviews Tesla Model X

“I am the First Kid in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD to review the all new Tesla Model X P90D, the fastest SUV in the WORLD; plus I’M A GIRL!”

States this video reviewer.

As a note, this isn’t Rowena’s first time reviewing a performance vehicles, as she has her own YouTube channel of reviewing supercars – aptly named “Rownenas Supercars“, as well as an online blog.

Here’s the expanded rest of the video description:

“The worlds youngest car show presenter at just an 9 year old with a DREAM to bring you the best Supercars in the world.”

“Watch me in this my 16th film for Rowena’s Supercars; in this film, you’ll see the amazing Tesla Model X P90D reviewed in Ludicrous Mode; where I’ll be giving you some of the specs and also a insight into this latest addition to the Tesla Gang. A BIG THANK YOU to the Tesla Mashpee, Cape Cod, USA. I hope you’ll all enjoy watching the new Model X as much as I enjoyed filming it.”

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She sounds Australian. But the license plate says California.

So she’s an import, then. 😉

This 9-year-old Tesla reviewer ripped off KmanAuto’s trademark fedora hat. She better not copy his trademark goatee. 😉

Never heard of Kman. Who cares.

Ah, precocious children so lovable until they become older. Good review.

Well, she (and/or her director) do a better job of showing off the various features of the car than many amateur videos I’ve seen. On the other hand, the repetition of “It’s sooooo awesome!” quickly became tiresome, as was the use of music from “Jaws”. That music was a clever way to start the video, but it should have segued into…


Cute, but the mixture of Jaws music and Blair Witch editing left me a little bit nauseous. LOL