89 Ford Focus Electrics Find Homes In June, More Inventory On The Way

JUL 5 2012 BY JAY COLE 9

Driver's Side Illuminated Charge Port

For the month of June, Ford sold 89 new Ford Focus Electrics to retail customers.  This is a significant number because it is only the second month, and first full month the electric car has been on sale.

Last month, despite making the first retail deliveries on May 10th, Ford managed to get only 6 vehicles into customer’s hands, and the first since 2 copies went to fleet customers in January to fufill some corporate deadline promises.

However, the 89 June deliveries is an excellent result, and vaults Ford into 2nd place for most BEVs (pure electric cars) sold in North America in a month by a major automaker, passing Mitsubishi’s high water mark of 85 for the month of May.  Ford still needs to sell another 151 EVs to pass Mitsu for the year (EV automaker’s monthly/YTD scorecard)

Looking to the future, we have heard reports of dealerships receiving decent size first shipments of Focus Electrics, and that appears to have been verified by the mother-ship, as Ford announced that for the first six months of the year the company had built up an inventory of 763 EVs.  By September of this year, Ford’s Michigan assembly plant, in conjunction with Magna E-Car (who does all the electrification of the car) are forecasted to be producing upwards of 200 Focus Electrics per week.

So if you have been waiting on getting a Focus Electric, and happened to also be in the ‘roll out zone’ (California, New York and New Jersey), there is a good chance you can find one this month!

2012 Ford Focus Electric Cutaway

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It is good to have a choice of a full electric car that is made in the US. Glad to hear that Ford is going to produce more than the minimum California air res-board requires.

Upto 200 units per week, big jump from current, looking forward to that. Ford had announced a more build to order approach, is this a shift in direction, or representive of lots of orders?

FFE battery cells, like the Volt, are shipped from South Korea, any whispers when the LG Chem plant in Holland Mi might come online and start supplying locally made cells?

“3rd place for most cars sold in North America in a month by a major automaker”

Wouldn’t it put Ford in 4th place, behind Chevy, Toyota and Nissan? Or is there a subtlety I’m missing? Do you simply not count the PIP, and if so, why is it in the scorecard? Do you sometimes count it and sometimes not?

We have made a mistake, I throw myself upon the mercy of the court, (=

Was actually thinking about Ford’s ranking as compared to other pure EVs…which was still wrong, lol (should have been 2nd not 3rd)


The PIP is not counted when it goes uphill, attempts to pass other cars slower than itself, and when keeping up with freeway traffic.

As always those of us living in cities under a million people get the shaft!!! Wife and I have been really taking a hard look at the Nissan Leaf the past week or two. just not waiting any longer If the Focus was available here Im pretty sure it would get our business.

Last I checked, Rochester, NY is well under a million people. They have a dealer selling FFE…

New York is so much more than New York City….

I’d love to see Ford realize they have something in the FFE which could surpass Nissan’s LEAF in sales. Maybe they’d get a little more serious about their BEV and expand the inventory to numbers on par with the LEAF.

I just think having immediately available an attractive alternative to the LEAF and possessing a competent battery management system will shortcircuit any negative effect the LEAF battery degradation problem could have on EV acceptance in general.

Let the LEAF wither and die. Long live the Ford Focus Electric.

I took delivery June 25th and really enjoy the car. It’s truly a premium driving experience. I considered a Leaf but really wanted the 30 amp charger and active battery temperature management. (OK, I like the look of the Focus better.) Future Leafs are supposed to get these. The Focus is silky smooth on the freeway and dead flat in the corners. Plenty of power for freeway passing or to claw up steep windy mountain roads. I wish it had the option to behave like a manual transmission car. (No creep and heavy throttle-off regen.) The interior is very comfortable, seating five no problem and the cargo capacity is reasonable. You can get two adult bikes inside with the rear seats folded down.

All in all the Focus Electric is a real treat to drive. If this is the product of a company who isn’t serious about electric cars, I’d never know it. I know they took the conservative approach by building it on the same line as the gas cars, but I think it was the smart choice. This way they can easily adjust production to meet demand.