516 Miles In Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Without Refuel/Recharge

JUN 13 2014 BY MARK KANE 7

Felix Egolf drive Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 830 km or 516 miles without refuel/recharge

Felix Egolf drive Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 830 km or 516 miles without refuel/recharge

Felix Egolf, a Swiss hypermiling pioneer and former Airbus A330/A340 captain, recently took a Volkswagen e-Golf Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV on a trip from Härkingen in Switzerland to Amsterdam (from one Mitsubishi headquarters to another).

In total, the Outlander PHEV was able to make 830.2 km route without recharging or refueling. 729 km trip (with 90 km of indicated range) plus another 101 km to Utrecht.

Highways driven across the route accounted for 38% of the drive. Some part of route was mountainous and we feel we should drop a hint that Switzerland is higher above sea level than the Netherlands and this may have helped.

According to press release, the average consumption was ~1 kWh and 5.44 l per 100 km (62 miles), however we must note that this is a simplification because typically the SUV drives in EV mode or in series hybrid mode.

In EV mode, range is over 50 km or 30 miles. The battery pack stores 12 kWh of energy and the fuel tank holds 45 liters of gasoline.

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Mr. Kane,

Great to hear of Mitsubishis’ success!

You know and I know that over 22,000+ of these Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV’s have been sold world wide thus far.

The 2014 target is 48,000, as of Mitsubishi fiscal year start, April, 2014.

This is a chunk of SUV PHEV’s especially since no SUV Electric Fueled Vehicle’s available in the USA currently.

I’ll bet most of the readers of this site and your witter feed do not realise this.

-Sales in the USA upheald due to Califonia battery monitoring requirements.

Could you include this factoid in your Mitsubishi Uplander PHEV range story?

Link Goes To Inside EVs, Jay Coles’ Mitsubishi Uplander PHEV Story-



Thomas J. Thias



So what is the stated range for this car? Because in my gasser I always had about 950km of range on a 40l tank, so by itself I don’t see this as being all that impressive unless the stated range for the car is much lower.

I am confused as to the significance of this story as well. many cars can easily travel that sort of distance on a single tank of gas. At first maybe I thought the vehicle was doing this on ell electric (by stopping to recharge) which would be impressive. But apparently not.

maybe it should be compared to a volt and or pip??

A PiP (Prius plug-in) will comfortably do over 700 miles on a single tank/charge as I own one.
It is a 10 UK gallon tank and can easily achieve 70 mpg (UK) on motorways. I typically achieve 72-78 mpg on long runs.

Ok, so a Prius can do more, but remember it is a much smaller car!

This is a plug in 4×4 with 2 electric motors, and a petrol engine for additional drive or electricity generation. The torque vectoring system helps the car grip and take corners by selecting drive to each wheel depending on grip. The petrol engine is a non turbo Evo X engine. How many 4×4’s will do in reality 74mpg in day to day use.It has 45l tank so 10 uk gallons. Min range is 544 miles approx, but should be nearer 740 miles. Mine is due September so will give exact data after that.