8,197 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Sold In Europe In 2013; Almost All In Netherlands

JAN 20 2014 BY MARK KANE 19

Outlander PHEV

Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi Motors announced the successful sales launch of the Outlander PHEV in Europe with 8,197 deliveries to end-customers by the end of December 2013.

The first plug-in hybrid from Mitsubishi was launched in Europe in October in four markets – The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland.

Most of the sales comes from the Netherlands where 8,009 were delivered “boosted by a tax scheme favourable to eco-friendly technologies such as low-emission vehicles.”

This mean that the three other countries got just 188 units.

Mitsubishi collected over 12,000 orders for the Outlander PHEV and with another shipment (maybe by the end of January) the automaker expects to exceed 11,000 deliveries. We should expect to see ~3,000 Outlander PHEV sales this month then.

But what then? Sales will fall to maybe only hundreds of units a month? Mitsubishi is saying that the number of orders is still growing, but not at the high rate seen before.

12,000+ orders / 8,000+ deliveries

“With more cars currently on their way to Europe, Mitsubishi Motor Sales Netherlands will soon be able to deliver the 11,000+ orders currently in its books and growing. Beyond this initial success, the car will be progressively launched in other European markets throughout 2014, adding substantial volume whilst balancing this Dutch success.”

By the end of March 2014, Mitsubishi wants to deliver approximately 30,000 units of the Outlander PHEV and in FY14 an additional 50,000 with Europe targeted as the largest market.

In the longer term:

“With a plan for EVs and EV-derived PHEVs to represent 20% of its global sales by 2020, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has set itself an ambitious, yet realistic target. More so in Europe, Mitsubishi Motors’ largest market for these technologies.”

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19 Comments on "8,197 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Sold In Europe In 2013; Almost All In Netherlands"

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I reckon once the Outlander PHEV hits the US in 2015, Australia and so on they can hit 100,000 sales a year, or double the present US sales of the Volt and Leaf combined.

Do you mean 100k in the US or in total globally? They will probably sell 100k in 2015 but so will the Leaf.

I did say ‘double the PRESENT sales of the Volt and Leaf combined in the US’.

I think the market for small SUVs is a sweet spot for PHEVs.
It is only a matter of time before Mitsubishi has competition there, but their sub-Volt prices are very competitive.

You did… but you mix global numbers and local numbers which makes it harder to follow. So in other words you think that GLOBALLY the Outlander can sell as much as the Leaf and hit 100k in 2015.

Apologies for the mixed figures.
I was illustrating, rather than analysing, and primarily US sites often focus perhaps too much on US figures, so I was pointing out just how well the Mitsubishi is doing.

I think that it can hit 100,000 sales globally in 2015 unless they can’t produce that many.

I don’t know how many Leaf cars and Volts will sell that year, I suspect that sales will not rise terribly fast until the Leaf II and Volt II come out.

The Outlander has the advantage of unlimited range but more spacious accomodation than the Volt.

They are doing great, no arguing there. In november they actually were the number 1 globally, outselling the Leaf by 50 cars (4441 vs. 4391).
I haven’t seen the numbers for december yet but we all know they had a crazy month in Holland seliing 5000(!) there alone.

It’s in a perfect model, as you say it’s more spacious. And with the price is not far from other regular SUV’s it was bound to be a top seller.
And the Volt has a big disadvantage in Europe since Chevrolet is one of the worst brands in the market. In Holland it’s the absolute worst brand by a big margin when it comes to problems and customer satisfaction and it’s no different in other european markets.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Incidentally, what’s its top speed and 0-60 while operating in electric-only mode?

Top EV speed 120 kph – 74mph:
I couldn’t find EV acceleration figures, but apparently unless you really floor it under 62mph the petrol engine doesn’t fire up:

Or if it’s cold out then the ICE turns on: http://www.myoutlanderphev.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=161

Check it out… not bad I thought. Please note:- the speedo is in kph

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Not bad, but it sounded a bit engine-y.. Is that on pure electric?

Yeah, here in the U.S. we are jealous.
Hurry up Mitsubishi! 🙂

This was so going to be our next vehicle but the delayed us launch pushed us into a volt. If the hurry up, maybe our second phev?

Maybe there’s a secret Volt based CUV waiting to be launched soon… hard to believe they’d let other plug-in SUV’s be first in the states…


Unfurtunately, not sure they can keep a secret at GM.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Easy enough to keep a secret if isn’t actually any secret.. I have yet to see anything that would alter my feeling that GM has its head replanted firmly up its own ass.

Fingers x’d there’s a Model X I can afford :p

You’re right. Mary’s got to announce a Voltec EV SUV something soon. Waiting until the Outlander arrives in the US and then saying Oh but we have one coming out soon will look bad.

It CAN’T take 5 years to put an electric motor in an Equinox or Orlando!

Some Chevy dealers staff are saying that to me….

But GM likes to “brag” and I haven’t seen any bragging on that Voltec based Equinox yet….

I would buy one in a heartbeat…

I don’t think there will be any Volt siblings until the new D2XX platform arrives for Volt 2.0. So maybe an SUV and a larger sedan in 2016/17. I may be done with my SECOND Volt lease by then.