80edays 2016 – The Ultimate Electric Vehicle Challenge


80edays #2 Team Spain I

80edays #2 Team Spain I

The is now less than two months remaining before the kick off of the 2016 80edays rally called The Ultimate Electric Vehicle Challenge – ELDURO.

The first edition of the ‘around the world in 80 days adventure’ took place in 2012.

This year 80edays will start from Barcelona in June 16 (12:00 Big Ben time).

Check out the bonus video below!

Among the 12 multi-national teams we see mostly Teslas (at least for now).

80edays 2016

80edays 2016

Defined events (list can be modified till start):

13.06.2016 Calafat: ecoGrandPrix 2016

6h 100% standard electric car race

15.06.2016 Barcelona – champions lunch with fans

15.06.2016 Barcelona – press event at hotel Miramar

80edays 2016

80edays 2016

16.06.2016 Barcelona – 80edays start at 12h Big Ben time

17.06.2016 Madrid

18.06.2016 Salamanca – press event at the Parador

19.06.2016 Lisboa – meet the champions

21.06.2016 Halifax – press event and meeting with fans

06.07.2016 San Francisco

07.07.2016 Hollywood

08.07.2016 Los Angeles

15.07.2016 Guangzhou

17.07.2016 Wuhan

19.07.2016 Xian

26.07.2016 Urumqui

29.07.2016 Almati

02.08.2016 Astana

05.08.2016 Chelyabinsk

06.08.2016 Ufa

08.08.2016 Moscow

10.08.2016 Kiev

11.08.2016 Lviv

14.08.2016 Bucharest

16.08.2016 Transfagarasan – awesome landscape!

18.08.2016 Budapest

18.08.2016 Vienna – event planning ongoing

20.08.2016 Praha

21.08.2016 Munich

22.08.2016 Böblingen

Luxemburg / Paris / Monaco in planning

28.08.2016 Zürich

28.08.2016 Luzern

30.08.2016 Verona

30.08.2016 Mestre – reunion of all participants and fans

31.08.2016 Venice – reception at the

film festival opening 11h in the morning

03.09.2016 Andorra – Event organized by FEDA

03.09.2016 Manresa – reunion of all participants and fans

in the city of birth of Rafael de Mestre

04.09.2016 Barcelona

Finish at Arco de Triunfo at 12h Big Ben time

… exactly 80 days after the start”

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I hope the bus wins.


To Staff:
It’s completely unclear both from the 100%-information-free video as well as the event’s main website what it’s actually about (max distance in # of days? Some kind of point system combining distance & time? etc.)

When publishing this kind of item, please add value by giving a summary in a few sentences, otherwise what’s the point?


This is really cool !!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂