All 8 Of BYD’s 8 Vehicles On Display At Shanghai Auto Show Are Plug-In Electric Cars

APR 27 2015 BY MARK KANE 45

BYD at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show

BYD at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show

The 2015 Shanghai Auto Show is marked by plug-ins, mostly concepts, but BYD surprised us with a whole lineup of plug-in cars.

There were eight BYD plug-in cars on display, including a few debuts.  And besides a few stock photos from the event, we were also lucky to get a few exclusive shots of the cars direct from BYD!

“This week marked the kick-off of China’s Annual International Auto Show & Convention, Auto China. BYD China’s largest independent auto manufacturer impressed members of the media and industry alike by, for the first time, only displaying Electrified Vehicles in their entire line-up of 8 vehicles at the BYD Exhibit (5 dual-mode vehicles and 3 pure-electrics). Though not many were surprised that the green-tech giant was the first to make such a leap, as they have long been referred to as “China’s Electric Car Company”, the crowd was thrilled to see a Tier 1 auto company take this important step towards the future of zero-emission transportation solutions.”

BYD Tang

BYD Tang

BYD Tang

BYD Tang

Lets start with the  plug-in hybrids. Besides the already known BYD Tang, there were two new sports utility vehicles models Song and Yuan – all described by 5-4-2:

“– Acceleration from 0-100Km/h in less than 5 seconds.
Four (4)-wheel drive propulsion
— and finally a vehicle that consumes less than 2 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.”

BYD Song is a compact SUV, while Yuan is a micro SUV. Both seem to be near ready for market launch.

“Song is a compact SUV named after the Song Dynasty (in which China found its unity and prospered to be the wealthiest nation on earth at that time).”

“Yuan, a micro SUV named after the shortest, but most powerful Chinese dynasty – the Yuan Dynasty. Yuan is the third sports utility in BYD’s 5-4-2 lineup and will become the most powerful Micro SUV on the planet, accelerating from 0-100 km/h in 4.9 seconds when it is launched in later 2015.”

BYD Song

BYD Song

BYD Song

BYD Song

BYD Song

BYD Song

BYD Yuan

BYD Yuan



The fourth plug-in hybrid displayed is BYD Qin – already the best selling plug-in car in China, and another new model the Shang. Shang is a van with BYD’s 2nd generation Dual Mode PHEV drivetrain, which we believe means separate propulsion EV/ICE for the axles.

“the first of BYD’s 2nd generation Dual Mode PHEV “Dynasty Cars” and Shang, a plug-in hybrid van (the eTruck version of Shang on display was badged T3).”

Shang drivetrain without ICE becomes a pure electric and such a car will be available as the T3 all-electric truck. As we already know, BYD believes that plug-in hybrids will be sold to consumers, while electric cars are perfect for fleets.

BYD Qin Rally

BYD Qin Rally

BYD Shang

BYD Shang

BYD Shang

BYD Shang







BYD e6

BYD e6

Good old e6 was presented on the stage together with the new e5 all-electric sedan.

“For pure electric offerings, BYD displayed three battery electrics: the e6, a crossover utility vehicle, e5 a pure electric compact sedan and T3 a pure electric minivan.”

It’s expected that e5 will serve as taxi.

BYD announced that the company will offer not only cars and buses, but all kinds of industrial vehicles:

“In addition to discussing his consumer vehicle strategy, BYD Founder & Chairman Wang Chuanfu revealed BYD’s new industrial and consumer vehicle electrification strategy called 7+4.

7 stands for the 7 conventional vehicle fields BYD will focus on:
Transit Buses, Coach Buses, Taxis, Logistics Vehicles, Construction Vehicles, Waste Management Vehicles and of course, Consumer Vehicles.

4 stands for the 4 specialized vehicle fields BYD will focus on:
Warehouse Logistics Vehicles, Mining Utility Vehicles, Airport Utility Vehicles and Sea-port Utility Vehicles”

BYD e5 etaxi

BYD e5 etaxi

BYD e5 etaxi

BYD e5 etaxi

BYD e5

BYD e5

BYD e5

BYD e5

We are still awaiting more photos and details from BYD. Here we have some videos:

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Our american car makers are so hung up about Internal combustion engines that they will go bankrupt again too late for the rEVolution… Good for them climate destroyers!

Pity you don’t make even a passing reference to the Daimler-BYD DENZA. The very fact that Daimler joined up with BYD is/was a uniquely confidence-building endorsement – yet the world’s media continues to obediantly ignore/bury this China-only price & range-buster. Much like the non-BYD disrupti e e-Go. Keeps BMW & Co happy though, eh ?
Paul G Editor EVUK Electric Vehicles UK(est. 1999)

like David Mart

Are UK guys the foolish people in the world?

BYD’s LFP is lowest energy density battery in the word

E6 is 2.3t and only 100 HP

Denza : 300 miles range Real or not, it beats all occidental ICE car makers.

Oups sorry, kilometers…

They claimed 300km
Chinese gov tested it based on NEDC rule, the range is only 250km which means its range is smaller than 170km under EPA rule

187 miles range with a 68kW battery pack.

Firstly, the unit of battery is KWH not KW

Secondly Denza has only 47 kwh battery

47 kWh is very nearly twice as big as the Leaf’s 24 kWh battery. If a Chinese make EV really does have a battery pack that big, then that’s impressive. That makes it a bigger battery pack than any car not made by Tesla, and puts it in the range of what we can expect to see in those nominally “200 mile” EVs coming in a couple of years. Even the RAV4 EV’s battery pack was rated at only 41.8 kWh “of useable energy” (whatever that means).

I’m not saying that we should all rush out and buy a BYD; so far as I know, the company has yet to make a car which can pass safety standards to be “street legal” in first-world countries. But let’s give BYD the credit that they are due here.

Before I give BYD any credit, I want to know how efficient are their EVs. The efficiency of BYD’s last EV sold in the U.S. was downright atrocious. The 2014 BYD e6 was 63 MPGe combined, 61 MPGe city, 65 MPGe highway.

Are you familiar with difference between NEDC and EPA

Under NEDC range is Only 253KM, how much do you think the EPA range is

Denza’s range is 250km under NEDC rule achieved by Chinese goverment

Please keep all posts in Metric.

Are you kidding me?

Denza only has 250km under NEDC

That means its range is less than 120 miles under EPA

Sorry for the bad numbers, but yours are not very precise either.
Less than 170 miles and 120 miles, there a big difference. Anyways it still beat all other BEVs from ICE car makers available in the U.S.

Less than 170km and less than 120 miles

how can you not understand?

“it still beat all other BEVs from ICE car makers available in the U.S.”


Are you kidding me?

Must be the pain killers… No kidding, tell me which occidental ICE car maker BEV acheive 120 miles under EPA testing?

less than 120 mile does not mean equals 120 miles

BYD’s e6 claimed 200 miles, but EPA only get 122 miles

127, which is also beteer than what we do.

Do you know how to convert miles to km? lol

Here we use Km so ai didn’t notice at first. But tell me how you calculate this 110 EPA miles?

120 grrr!

Under EPA test, E6 only has 122 miles

But BYD claimed it is 200 miles

So, update your number 😉

Wow, it’s only gets a paltry 63 MPGe! Are the wheels square?

at the same time, it is only 100HP


This shows where things are going in China, with a government push behind the scenes. We need some more vision to ensure we don’t fall behind in the future.

8 models from only one company, besides the world’s best electric busses.

Plus seems like dozens of companies, each with MORE electric models.

If that’s not the writing on the wall that the supposedly ‘American’ car companies are in the process of forgetting the American Market, I can’t think of a better way to illustrate the issue.

These might not be most efficient cars, have great energy dense batteries, great engineering but they are obviously here for a reason. They are proving technology is headed in the right direction and are paving the way for others to hopefully follow. Yes Tesla is an awesome brand, and we’re all looking forward to the model3, but this article just points out where BYD stands alone and other carmakers really need to catch up in the game. No need to hate, appreciate.

In EV world

energy density decide everything

Not really. You can buy battery cells with an energy density even higher than the Panasonic cells use in the Tesla Model S, if you’re willing to spend the money.

The limiting factor on putting more kWh into BEVs isn’t energy density, it’s cost. Sure, volumetric energy density (the size/energy storage ratio) is important. But not as important as cost.

Do you know how much these BYd’s BEV cost before incentive

E6 almost 60k$
Danza more than 75K$

The Denza is a luxury car from a joint venture with Mercedes. And Chinese incentives are very generous.

You’re looking for any negative aspect?
No need to hate, appreciate this company building it’s own 100% recyclable safest batteries, cars ans busses.

Again, they beat the range of all occidental ICE car makers.

Yeah 0-60 14sec Luxury Car lol

Did you know there are only several hundreds E6

And there are already some people dead in E6 when it is fired

Bad faith, bad faith. This BYD was smashed into by another car at more than 100 mph (not kph) and caught fire from the electric line. Autorities dismissed any responsability from the driver or the conception of the car.

Besides, 21 gas guzzlers catch fire each hour in the US.

You are REALLY an EV hater. Your poster name should read : anti EVfan

No need to hate, appreciate!


Move over, Tesla! Looks like there is finally a second auto maker which is dedicated to making plug-in EVs as its core product.

Yes, I realize that most if not all of BYD’s EVs are short-range, at least by comparison to Tesla’s cars. But hey, large portions of China, perhaps most of it, still qualify as a third-world market. Short-range, cheaply built cars is what a third-world market needs. Walk before you can run; The longest journey begins with a single step… and all that.


Denza 0 to 100mph in 14 seconds!!!

I meant kph.

This is China, the goverment sais “Prepare a lineup of electric cars”, BYD did it. The government will say to the businesses “Buy electric vehicles”, they will do it. But we have to wait for the market response, and that is the consumer market, that one cannot be controled by the government that easily.

I don’t know if you’re making up this story but I certainly know that Chinese are well aware they are dying from heavy smog and will welcome any car with zero emission.