707 HP Challenger Hellcat vs Tesla Model S P100D – DragTimes Race Video


Hellcat versus Model S. This seems to be the match up that never stops giving. One Hellcat after another has fallen to the S, so we’re wonder why the Cats keep on coming out to play…

Race Time!

Race Time!

Video description:

“It’s the pair that won’t stop racing, the rivalry continues with this 707 HP Challenger Hellcat taking on the Tesla Model S P100D for a heads up race at the StreetCarDrags.com event.”

It’s a close race, but once again the Cat ain’t no match for the Model S.

Of note: We should mention that the Model S P100D in question will be getting a software update to “uncork the full potential” (Elon Musk’s words) of the car, lowering the 0-60 mph time to 2.4 seconds, and shaving another tenth of a second or so off the quarter mile time (details here).

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When will we see Lucid Motor’s 1000 HP luxury sedan crushing Hellcats at the track?

With Tesla and Lucid, I think the days of ICE drag racing will be officially over.

I thin Lucid should bring back the super fast van. I just want to see the little electric van crushing super cars. LOL.

Pretty sure given Lucid’s history, there will be more than a few company “races” of their prototype and PPD EVs vs Tesla products.

There are still the modified ICE classes…

The biggest reason why today’s Hellcat loses is due to traction. When the power is delivered to only 2 rear wheels, that loses about 30% of traction compared to AWD. Better is to compare AWD gas cars (ie, Veryon and more) to AWD EV. But then you’re talking $1.5M+ gas car to $150K EV.

AWD on the Hellcat would cost probably 50 hp in additional frictional losses and add 100 lbs. It would get off the line about as fast as adding Drag Radials, but lose 0.3-0.4 and 1-2 mph at the top end.

Incredible off the line for the Hellcat or the Tesla driver screwed something up.

If that is the same Model S that I think it is, the owner intentionally leaves the line late. Because when he legally does green light launches, all the Hellcat owners claim he jumped the tree, since the Tesla launch is so instant that it leaves the Hellcat visibly sitting there. So he watches the other car instead of the light, and punches it the instant the other car moves. That way nobody can claim he jumped the tree. When he times the launch to the tree instead of the other car, he can deliver 100% legal R/T’s in the .050 range, because the Model S launches are so repeatable. It is just a question of timing the lights so the back side of your front tire clears the timing laser .050 after the green light comes on. What most folks watching drag videos don’t understand is that it is legal to launch before the light turns green, as long as your front wheel hasn’t passed the laser timer before the light turns green. This is called “rollout”. Basically, the lights and the timing lasers don’t work the way most folks think they should. But that’s a whole ‘nuther long… Read more »

I wonder if the Tesla autopilot system can eventually be modified to do a drag race mode where the car will launch itself based on the camera processing of the lights so it would be perfect/faster than any human can react to…

That would be really cool. =)

itd be lighter too

Ofcourse it can, it’s not the first time I write this:

Sub Drag_race ()
if green_light = 1 then
Torque_setpoint = max_torque
‘comment ?
End if
End Sub

I would say it take 1 ns to run the routine and at green light it take a few ms to magnetize the coils.
Human perception take a few tens of a sec to realize the green light and a few tens of a second to floor the accelerator.

I bet my pseudocode can beat your pseudocode

Sub Drag_race ()
if full_tree_bottom_yellow_light = 1 then
sleep .490 seconds
Torque_setpoint = max_torque
‘comment ?
End if
End Sub

That gives me .010 in rollout before the front tire clears the laser timer, and a 100% legal launch. As long as I don’t stage too deep, I’ve just timed the green light perfectly and I’m already .010 ahead of you. All without getting red-lighted.

(This program is good for a standard Full Tree, similar programs would have to be written for Pro Tree or any local customs)


F you Sergio. You won’t make EVs and you can’t make ICEs that can beat them.

May your golden parachute be tinted from a golden shower.