7-Seat Tesla Model X Gets Fold Flat Second-Row Seats


Image Via Teslarati

The 7-seat version of the Tesla Model X has finally become available with fold-flat second-row seats.

If you’ve been holding out on ordering a Model X until the arrival of the fold-flat-second-row, 7-seat version, then your wait is over.

Just days ago, Tesla updated its Model X ordering site to include the new seven-seat, fold-flat-second-row interior.

7-Seat Tesla Model X With 60/40 Split Fold Down

Teslarati explains:

“The new fold-flat seat design replaces Model X’s “floating” second-row monopost base with a more traditional sliding frame mount. Tesla’s gorgeous monopost design allowed each seat to adjust individually while also providing ample under-seat storage. But despite the advanced design, Model X received criticism by owners over its lack of fold-flat second-row seats. Because of this, Model X had arguably less useable cargo space relative to the Model S trunk with back seats folded down.”

The fold-flat-second-row setup was previously offered only on the 5-seat version of the Model X. The 6-seater still doesn’t get second row second that can fold flat.

According to Tesla’s site, the fold-flat-second-row seating is a $3,000 option.

Of the new fold-flat seats, Tesla states

“Maximize passenger and cargo capacity with seating for seven adults. Second and third row seats can fold flat when not in use, creating extra interior cargo space.”

With both rows of rear seating folded down, the Model X has 88.0 ft³ of claimed cargo capacity. That’s best-in-class, according to Tesla.

Source: Teslarati

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Seems like this is the way it should come standard, with the “gorgeous monopost design” as the $3k upgrade…

Another Tesla Fail, to not initially give the premium EV consumers what they want, (utility) for the Model X. This should have been first offered with fold flat as standard. Now to ask for an additional $3 K? What has the Tesla Model X marketing team been smoking? Tesla please rethink your strategy on this blunder, and start selling more Volume before have more competition in this EV SUV space.

Have to agree.

I’m sure they’ll drop the extra $3K after enough suckers, i mean early adoptors, pay it.

I was just going to suggest the same – the Base Should be the Fold Flat, and the Premium could be the Monopost as an option!

Also – if they can to Falcon Wing Folding Doors, they should by now be able to do a Folding Monopost, as well!

“…if they can to Falcon Wing Folding Doors, they should by now be able to do a Folding Monopost, as well!”

Let’s hear it for armchair engineers. 🙄

You might want to consider how hard it would be to make it fold flat and still (a) work properly for powered movement in two dimensions, and (b) be safe and strong enough to survive a collision.

$6 k option, only! Coming soon, hopefully! The Engineering team pulled of the charging snake, this should be Easy Peasy, in comparison.

Yep, Dunning–Kruger effect on display.

Loved that report.

The base *is* the fold-flat seats. Check the Tesla website – you’ll see that the standard 5-seat configuration now features a bench that folds flat, just like the Model S. No extra cost for that. If you want extra seats, you pay, but that was the case regardless of whether those seats fold flat or not (and they do now, at least in the 7-seat configuration).

Agreed. The fold flat should be standard and the motorized mono-post seats should be the paid option. Requiring a $3,000 charge for a fold flat seat option that almost every SUV and crossover comes with on base models seems like a poor decision.


It looks like consumers are reinforcing the idea that was lost on Musk from the beginning of development on the model x – keep it simple. Those pedestal seats, which were rumored to have delayed the model x release, have now been shown to be a not very popular feature because of how severely they handicapped the practicality of the “crossover.” I feel like this was obvious to everyone except Elon. Thankfully it sounds like Elon has learned his lesson.

Agreed. It’s now the car it should have been all along only $3000 more expensive. You have to pay $3000 extra to get what it should have been. Elon is still trying to get people to buy his floating pedestal idea.

Where is the model 3 story?

Wondering the same thing!

If you mean where is the Tesla promo/boast on Model 3 #001 being produced, as suggested earlier, on Friday…there has yet to be one. (we did make sure to let the clock tick down to zero at 3am ET time before calling it a day just to be sure)

Of course the quote was “Expecting to complete SN1 on Friday”, so it might not have went to plan.

Seems like “might not have went to plan” would be a story all by itself. Hundreds of thousands of reservation holders like myself REALLY want to know why SN1 has yet to make an appearance.

Hey Shane,

For sure it might be…but its only 7:41 AM the day after in Fremont.

You never know with these things, if Tesla wants to make a big deal/show out of it, they may be producing something a little more professional … over a random confirmation tweet by Musk to make a bigger splash.

We’ll give them a little more time before highlighting its absence or hassling them, (=

The Model 3 Story? Do You mean the story on the first Production Model off the Line? Yup! That was the first thing I went looking for!

Elon, if you actually do some design, it is possible to fold monopost seats flat – one by one. Pedestal itself must do some mechanical magic.

Not only that, the middle seat should be removable to allow the outer seats to slide towards each other away from the doors, which would lessen or prevent injuries to the second-row occupants in a t-bone accident.

The Magic Slide second-row seats on the 2018 Honda Odyssey minivan can slide together when the middle seat is removed. Honda’s Magic Slide seats have made Tesla’s monopost seats obsolete.

Here’s are videos of the 2018 Odessey’s second-row seats in action:


Well it’s about time. This should have been available from the start.

“According to Tesla’s site, the fold-flat-second-row seating is a $3,000 option on the 7-seat X.”

So you have to pay more to get what they call a “bench seat” these days (which is actually connected bucket seats, not a bench seat), without the fancy individually controllable monopost?

I guess this is known as “whatever the traffic will bear.” 🙁

Could be that, or, The Bears will traffic in Tesla “Puts”, in the options market. It is a claw back from the free charging give back.

No, the 6 seat configuration is a $4,500 upgrade over the base 5 seat configuration, while the 7 seat fold-flat config is a $3,000 upgrade over the base 5 seat.

So you pay more for the fancy monopost seats as one might expect.

Ok understood. All these seat options confuses.

Is it just me or is the article and subsequent comments misleading or just confused?!? There are not multiple 7 seat options.
The base price is 5 seats included.
Only 7 seats option is the bench for $3000.
Only 6 seat option is monopost for $4500 (and you can choose to get the center console or not — same price)
Easy to verify here: https://www.tesla.com/modelx/design

You are right. Also the 3x monopost versions are gone.

You are right, scott. I was about to post the same thing.

Does the 2nd row in the 5 seat base price fold flat?

And slide

Just called tesla.

In base 5 passenger the 2nd row does not slide or fold. The seat is fixed. Unlike my S.

When the 5 passenger version was released it was widely reported as the second row seats being ‘fold flat’. Not flat all the way to the floor, but the back does fold down to a flat position to enable cargo on top of it.

Here’s InsideEVs’ reporting:

Ok thx beng,
Sales guy in tempe must be wrong

It still doesn’t fold flat to the floor. Look closely at the pic in the story showing the folded down second-row seats through the rear hatch. They’re still raised at least 2 inches above the floor.

Sneaky Tesla tried to obscure the 2″ rise by photoshopping a fake dark shadow from an unfolded seat directly over the 2″ rise!!! LOL!

Yes, it folds flat. It’s right there on the configurator.

Ok thx

Wow, Tesla adds an option to their 5-seat standard configuration that some people say they want, and we get a ton of folks whining and bitching like crazy about getting an option that they say they want.

Well, to be more accurate, an option they say they want, on a car they clearly will never buy, from a company they clearly hate.

Pretty soon Tesla will offer regular rear doors as an option for $3000….. hahaha

Slowly Tesla is correcting Elon’s mistakes with the X. Now if only they will replace the windshield, which show double vision ghosting at night, and the dash material, which is too reflective.

The article is highly misleading when it comes to the pricing. It makes it seem like you need to pay $3000 extra to get fold flat seats, otherwise you’re stuck with the old design. But that’s not true – if you go to the Tesla website to configure a Model X, you’ll see it clearly states the standard 5-seat configuration now features fold-flat seats at no extra cost. The $3000 option isn’t for the fold-flat feature, it’s the cost of upgrading from 5 seats to 7 seats, period. The 7-seat option now includes fold-flat seats in both rows.


There was no arguably about it. The previous seats made a mockery of the SUVness of this car.

This is a much better design. It’s also simpler. It’s surely cheaper to make too. And it surely means you can get access to the 3rd row a lot quicker than waiting for the motorized 2nd row to move foward. Another expensive, unnecessary geegaw replaced with a sensible solution on the Model X. This car might make it to a completely reasonable vehicle eventually.

Maybe next they can fix the problem with the windshield which allows a high sun to blast you in the face when driving toward it?

Seriously right. How about an option to have a normal front window and rear doors…

Uuhm, this article is spreading some confusion.

As others have stated, there is NO $ 3k extra for the fold flat seats. It is standard. The 3k option is the 7 seat configuration over the 5 seat. And the 7 seat is also standard with fold-flat 2nd row seats.

Please Inside EV’s post a correction!

I have a Model X with the $4000 7 seat configuration. Yes it would be nice to fold the second row seats but they are beautiful seats vs the fold flat seats. My second row moves forward enough to satisfy me. I would of still stuck with my original option choice. This vehicle had to compete with the best out of Germany. It’s options are very reasonable compared to MB, Porsche, and BMW where you can easily double the price of the car with options. For a all new vehicle with an all new drivetrain that costs the same as the best out of Germany, it is a bargain! No one else has Supercharging and wifi updates!