7 Features We Might See In Upcoming Tesla Model Y


We can all speculate as to what we might see in Tesla’s upcoming Model Y, but what we know is that the Tesla Model Y will be a sort of mini SUV/crossover, built on the Model 3 chassis (not unlike the relationship shared between the Model S and Model X).

Now, Business Insider has compiled some of Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s many comments, to get an idea of what to expect.

Tesla Model Y Render via RM CarDesign

Tesla Model Y Render via RM CarDesign

Musk once said that the Model Y OR Model 3 may share the Model X falcon-wing doors, especially since the “bugs” have all been worked out.

However, even though the doors seem to be mostly working as planned, there is still some stigma among consumers, so it may not be the best marketing scheme. They are truly eye-catching though and convenient. Interestingly, Musk deleted the original comments concerning the doors on future models.

Having a solar roof as on option on Tesla vehicles is not something that Musk has tried to hide. He said that they may indeed be an option on the Model 3, which means that it will probably forward to the Model Y and future models.  Today one can find a solar roof on the new Toyota Prius Prime in some regions, and also the Karma Revero which arrives this quarter.

Karma Revero has a 200 watt-rated solar roof, good for "up to 1.5 miles of electric range per day, depending on weather conditions,”

Karma Revero has a 200 watt-rated solar roof, good for “up to 1.5 miles of electric range per day, depending on weather conditions.”  But the larger draw for owners might just be that its “cool” to have.

One can only assume that Tesla is doing everything it can to assure that the Model 3 can compete with the Chevrolet Bolt’s 238-mile range. As  time goes on, range gets even better, and Tesla always offers more than one battery option for each of its models. So, the Model Y is bound to have a range beyond 238 miles.

Think Tesla will allow the Chevy Bolt's 238 mile range to out distance the top-of-the-line Model 3, or future Model Y? We doubt it.

Think Tesla will allow the Chevy Bolt’s 238 mile range to out distance the top-of-the-line Model 3, or future Model Y? We doubt it.

Cargo space is key, as Tesla has already made adjustments to increase space in the Model X and Musk assured that the Model 3 seats will fold down. The Bolt – obviously being the long-range electric car that everything will be compared to for now – boasts a crossover configuration with lots of utility and versatility. Tesla needs to match that.

Many people believe that the Model 3 will house Tesla’s first heads-up display, since the prototype was lacking any sort of instrument cluster or gauges. If so, the Model Y would likely follow suit. In the next few years, we will be seeing more head-up displays among many automakers, so it just makes sense.

All Tesla vehicles coming off the assembly line now have full self-driving hardware and the software is well underway. By the time the Model Y comes along, pending regulatory approval, all Tesla vehicles should already have full autonomy in place.

The Model S and Model X are similarly-priced. Of course the X costs more, but the two are in the same realm. If the Model Y will be the SUV version of the Model 3, like the X is to the S, we can assume that Tesla Model Y pricing will be similar to, but a little more than the Model 3.

What features do you think we will see? What features would you like to see?

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Toilet, refrigerator, microwave oven, bed, TV on ceiling

Seven huge cup holders…just for the driver.


I’d settle just for a built-in inverter (say 2-3kW) with a couple of AC sockets!

Rather 4-5 KW, so you can do something useful with it at a small construction site.

Solar roof is a gimmick, no real value and even less likely paired with Falcon Wing doors.
I hope Tesla will concentrate on simplicity and low cost. Don’t need or want fancy electric door handles or even power doors. What happens when you get freezing rain and need to exert significant force to open a door with frozen in place recessed door handles? Just more stuff to fail and cause problems as the car gets older. I want hatchback like Bolt and standard doors.

Rite On! I thought I was the only one who thinks like that …Lower price & Simplicity with sensible options & sensible safety features, is the key for me.

Consumers love gimmicks.

Tesla has to sell cars to more people than just engineers and environmentalist if it wants to decarbonize the global economy.

Simplicity and low cost for the entry level model.

Options are optional. If a buyer wants to give Tesla $1k in pure profit to install a solar panel on the roof of the Model Y then Tesla should do it. It helps fund the next gigafactory.

Right on… simple design for great long term reliability and maintenance costs.

KISS — keep it simple, stupid…..

Believe it or not the little solar panel on the Nissan LEAF has a useful purpose. It charges the standard 12-volt battery. It is kind of like a battery minder.

Perhaps on a Model 3 it would be used to power communication and other features that are constantly on, in a Tesla. That would help reduce the “phantom drain” that Model S users sometimes complain about.

Yes, it would be helpful to have a solar panel on the roof to help eliminate “vampire drain”. Otherwise, putting a solar panel there is pretty much a waste of money and the resources used to build the panel.

If it is an option, it’s ok. Any one can choose to ad it or not.
For the FWD, the majority here seems to want to avoid it, so the first version should be simple doors, but maybe when Tesla will grew up and Tesla X have had years and years of experience with it, they could do an improved version of the Y (with a other name) with these doors (keeping a version with regular doors). After all not every body want to put things in the roof or are afraid about reliability or too much publicity in a parking mall, and a lot of people who loves these doors cannot afford to put at least $85.000 in a car, but could put $45.000 in a base model Y with FWD.
For now, Tesla should focus in regular Y to not be too much left behind by the bolt or the incoming Jaguar I-Pace for example. For me, the Y should be available not latter than mid 2018.

That is especially interesting when you leave your car for a month when going on holiday. Coming back and not being able to open it because of vampire consumption draining the 12 v battery is really bad. Especially at Schiphol parking C at 10 PM in winter with kids!

I don’t think the solar roof will be the type shown in the picture. Tesla has a whole glass division, and they are showing entire glass roofs.

My guess is that they will do something more like this, where they use clear glass solar





With Tesla buying a glass making company, and stating that will be used to make auto glass, and with Tesla also buying out SolarCity and its solar panel factory, there certainly seems to be a good chance that Tesla will combine the two technologies.

It is NOT just a gimmick. It is not for putting more driving range into the car, it is for dealing with vampire drain, cooling the car, and preventing the car from being bricked by sitting by itself for too long.


I is a natural match to the new max temp control feature:

“My favorite new feature is the always-on max temp control for keeping kids and pets safe from overheating.”

Then just get the bolt, problem solved…people buy/want teslas for a reason and it doesn’t look like you understand why?

I expect side mirrors to be eliminated (by that time regulators should be OK with that).

If the Y does not have enough space in back for a large dog I simply will not be able to buy it. Currently our Honda CR-V is adequate for our needs. Since it is at 205K we are starting to look at option to replace this. Really want an electric option, but it has to be practical. I hope Tesla lets off on the gimmicks and focuses on delivering a really nice, but practical model Y.

SparkFiat-Lease - M3 reserved; Bolt - perhaps!

Same here. CR-V is HUGE compared to these EVs and we’re reluctant to relinquish ours as that’s a great family hauler for us.

Bolt is borderline for our golden. We test drove it last week and there’s enough space to lie down and a tight turnaround and poke her head out, but don’t know if she’ll be comfortable for longer hauls. Certainly not with luggage.

CR-V — not an issue for that above.

I think Model Y would be on par with Bolt as the chassis looks about the same.

Don’t get too fancy, Tesla. I want mechanical door locks (that open in freezing weather) on conventional doors (gullwing doors look cool, but can’t open in low-ceiling parking garages).

The falcon wing doors removed any desire I had for the Model X. Hopefully they won’t do this to the Model Y. Tesla, please follow the KISS methodology for the Model Y.

Falcon wing doors were an unnecessary risk that cost them time and money. You don’t need this when you have a quality product that sells.

I penned my thoughts on this topic a few months ago. The stuff listed above is not what I am interested in. Have a look at my list and see what you like (or not!)


Most of your request are reasonable.

It would be hard for Tesla to deliver those at the price below $40K though.

BTW, I agree a boxy SUV shape can haul more but it will impact Cd which reduces range. So, I highly doubt Tesla would be able to do that.

I read you letter and like your compilation. I’m an Outback owner and think Tesla selling the “innards” of an M3 to Subaru would be a great idea. Tesla may find our desired options unprofitable but Subaru might be able to design and sell just what we want.

I’d be happy with that too! Subaru really hasn’t done anything meaningful in the green car space. Buy the tech from someone who knows what they are doing and add it to the rest of their great design.

I can see it now some wag will headline:
“The Model Why?”

Tesla has a tendency to get too fancy. I don’t need a solar roof or gull wing doors. What I need is a 250+ mile electric SUV with AWD and decent ground clearance. Whichever car company can give me that for $40-45k first will win my business, whether it’s Tesla or Ford or GM.


It’s sad to see these negative comments. Tesla has been creating features of the future today. The company works continuously to improve. If you want a car that has the features of your father’s 65 Mustang then by all means go buy that and leave the future to those whom want to embrace it’s possibilities.

Hear! Hear!

Tesla is not in the white appliance business…
Ok, the Powerpack is white and monolithic and utilitarian, but besides that Tesla is here to disrupt and change, not to fit and comply.

Say sorry to yer dog and seven cups.

I want an electric SUV that looks like a square, traditional SUV. Like. Yukon Denali with 500 mile electric range and auto pilot

You could get a Yukon Denali and convert it to electric. It is probably the best way to get exactly what you want. Otherwise it will be just like every other vehicle in history and may have most of what someone wants but there is always something missing.

Brick aerodynamics are not conducive to 500 mile ranges.

It would require a ~$100k battery pack to do it.

The market is rather limited for SUVs with a base price of $200k.


I think PHEVs are going to dominate the plug-in SUV field until there is a really bit battery breakthrough. The best EVs can do for now is sleek CUV things like the egg-shaped Model X.

If the car you want is a box, why not just place an order from Amazon for 4 wheels, and put them on the box they ship in?

I’ve always hated box cars – whether SUVs, trucks, or a car – if it is boxy looking – it’s boring and ugly.

USB 3.0 connectors throughout the car.

Needs a trailer hitch, even if it is only for light trailers, limit here in Austria is 750kg, just to get the dirty stuff to my house on the hill.

Sorry. A big, square, high ground clearance SUV has lousy efficiency. To get enough battery for the range you want, at the price you want, will require next generation batteries.


I will only be driving another decade, at most. It will be that long before next generation batteries make it out of the lab, through extensive testing, and into production vehicles.


Did you read the director’s message?


Or any of the posts from this guy at Argonne National Laboratory battery research lab?


Let’s see what’s available in a Model 3 first, before speculating on Model Y.

“Musk once said that the Model Y OR Model 3 may share the Model X falcon-wing doors, especially since the ‘bugs’ have all been worked out.”

Hmmm, well I think everyone who follows Tesla Motors closely knows that some of the problems have been worked out, and some haven’t.

Personally, I hope Tesla ditches the FW doors for the Model Y. Such unnecessary and overly complex (but also altho kewl and attention-getting) gimmicks may be defensible in a “premium” car like the Model X, but they are not justifiable in a more down-market, “semi-affordable” car like the Model Y.

“Interestingly, Musk deleted the original comments concerning the doors on future models.”

Glad to learn this! That’s a hopeful sign.

FalconWingDoor issues are not solved. They often does not work in temperature below freezing. Stuck closed or will not latch closed. My experience after 3 months with a model X in Norway.

While all the speculation and optimism is great from my point of view I’m just hoping that Tesla manages to get the model 3 out the door in significant numbers without any missteps. We are speaking of the model 3 as if it exists already and paying customers or tooling around in the wild in them.

Falcon doors are extremely unlikely simply because of the cost (all those extra sensors, motors and mechanical linkages), and after all, they do need differentiating features from the between X and Y.

The Model Y has me interested. But if it has falcon wing doors I’m out. While Tesla might have improved the doors functionality it’s still nowhere near the reliability it needs to be.

As for the comparison for the Bolt EV I would imagine the base Model Y with a rumoured (base Model 3) 55KWh battery the range just might clip the 200 mile mark. Certainly larger battery versions with ranges larger than the Bolt EV will exist. But you will have to pay to play.

Affordable cost should be the main feature

I’m looking forward to the Model Y, much more than the Model 3. If I had a wish list for the Model Y, here it is:

1) Take design queues from the Honda CR-V (height, shape, min. cargo capacity of 75 cu FT., etc.).
2) Don’t kill cargo capacity or rear seat headroom for a better CD! Add a few more batteries to the pack to offset the additional drag. The Model Y rendering in this article is a deal breaker for a huge portion of the market segment. ~99% of SUV/CUV customers are NOT willing to sacrifice function for form!
3) AWD
4) 250+ mile EPA rated range on the base model. 350+ mile EPA rated range on the largest battery pack.
5) AWD and largest battery pack shouldn’t be more than $45K
6) Do not put Falcon wing doors on it
7) Make it the best cold weather EV. This includes good cold weather batteries, AWD, cabin heating, heating efficiency / cabin insulation, best defogging and de-icing, handling on snow, great ground clearance, etc.
8) Best safety rating in it’s class

Awesome list! +1