68,000 Plug-In Cars Were Sold Globally In April – Up 30%, 1 Million Reachable In 2017

JUN 3 2017 BY MARK KANE 16

World’s Top 10 Selling Plug-In Cars – 2017 April (data source: EV Sales Blog)

Nearly 259,000 (up 36% year-over-year) plug-in electric cars were sold in the first four months of this year, which with assumption being that higher sales are actually found in the second half of a calendar year, leads us to believe that easily more than million plug-ins will be sold for the first time in 2017. Two-thirds being pure electric cars.

Nissan LEAF is still the best selling EV

April alone added some 68,000 new registrations (up 30% year-over-year).

The best selling model for second month in a row was BAIC EC180 at 4,352, which enabled the model to climb to the #5 spot overall for the year.

Another Chinese model that shone during the month (as sales finally get back on track in the region) is the Zhidou D2 EV at 3,709 sold in April, and now standing at #8 overall.

Whatever happens in the future, the good-old Nissan LEAF is still number #1 in 2017 with 2,973 sales in April, and 18,229 for the year.

The Tesla Model S is second with estimated 2,091 sold in April and 15,541 YTD. Model X (1,929), but all plug-in models will need to shoot for higher numbers as the Toyota Prius Prime/Plug-In (2,704) is basically selling every copy Toyota can produce within a few days, and currently is the odds on favorite for the year-end sales winner despite the early lead given up to the LEAF.

Among manufacturers, Tesla, BMW and Nissan lead the way this year, but BYD jumped from #8 to #5 with highest result in April – 6,033.  With clarity returning to the Chinese market, BYD is still likely to find itself in the number 1 spot by year’s end, despite trailing Tesla by some 14,000 sales heading into June.

However before then, BYD needs to chase the China-leader, as today BAIC is the largest Chinese manufacturer of plug-ins at #4, and may ultimately pose the largest challenge.

World’s Top 10 Plug-In Car Manufacturers – 2017 April (data source: EV Sales Blog)

Our thanks to EV Sales Blog for tallying up and estimating the individual sales by OEM.

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The 2nd graph shows about 170,000 cars sold.
Mark Kane – do all the others add up to 120,000? That is like 2/3 of the companies listed. I wouldn’t have thought that the minor players would add up to be so significant.

Thanks for gathering this info. Truly interesting.

I meant another 90,000 or about half of the other guys.

The more EVs the less OPEC oil.

And less Russian/US/Chinese/Canadian/Brazilian etc. oil…

The U.S. still imports a lot of oil and some of that from OPEC. They put the screws to us in the past, I would like to see them suffer for that.

And what the u.s. Hasn’t screwed every country. No country screws over the planet as much as the u.s.

Import or not is fairly irrelevant. It is the oil produced and used that does the real damage.

So get lots of EVs so that the US oil production gets hurt and hurt badly.

Do you know about the explosive growth in earthquakes in the states that have begun fracking? OK, KS, TX and WV so far. The cause is the need to pump contaminated wastewater from fracking operations underground.

How much damage will the US do to itself by trying to punish the Arabs without changing its fundamental dependence on oil?

That’s why the T. Boone Pikins Plan to move to CNG vehicles is a bad idea. Hydrogen fuel cell from methane reformation is the same.

It’s EVs with sustainable zero carbon electricity.

It’s the only option.

YTD sales of 259,000 * 3 = 777,000
April sales of 68,000 * 12 = 816,000

As we can see April itself has accelerated over YTD (4 months) and we can see higher sales in the coming months especially December and 1,000,000 is within reach.

Why not giving us the value of the cars sold ???

The Model S value is 4 times the value of a Leaf or Prius.

Value of the car is irrelevant. It is the mileage and oil they offset that is relevant.

Considering the much larger battery and the lesser efficiency of the Tesla compared to the Leaf it should if anything be counted less than the Leaf.

I do agree, a Nissan leaf that drives 100 000 miles is better then a Tesla Model S that drives 100 000 miles.

But on the other hand, in the end of 2016 all Nissan Leaf combined rich about 2 billion miles while all Tesla rich 3,5 billion miles. If you also take in to account that there have been mush more Nissan leaf built then Tesla cars I would say that Tesla are doing more to reduce oil use as a Tesla replace more gas miles then a Leaf.



What’s important is normalizing electric cars for consumers all over the world. Since consumption rapidly becomes a game of conformity and one-upsmanship as people’s fortunes rise, we need to see EVs installed as the “culture” of cars in countries where many people are buying them for the first time. A healthy variety of plug-in car types and prices is part of breaking through conformist fears.

BMW is shown as the second manufacturer year to date but only has one car in the top 10 models. Where did all the other sales come from to make BMW sales as large?

BMW offers (and sells) several PHEVs, like i8, MINI E, Mini Countryman SE and the new 1e. They all add up to the number you see.